Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Board
1 There shall be a Planning monitoring and Evaluation Board to plan the Academic courses, Research Programme, Interdisciplinary activities, interaction with outside agencies for training extension and research, and to monitor from time to time the implementation of the programme and activities formulated by it.
2 The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Board shall consist of the following members, namely:-
a. The Vice-chancellor, who shall be the chairman
b. The Registrar
c. The Registrar ( Evaluation)
d. Two senior most Deans of the Faculties by rotation for a period of one year as recommended by the vice-chancellor
e. Two senior most Professors of whom one shall be from Science and Technology and the other from Humanities and Social Sciences nominated by the Vice-chancellor, for a term of two years
f. One expert who is an educationist with rich experience of teaching and Research and educational administration nominated by the State Government for a term of two years
g. One officer of the State Government in the Planning Department not below the rank of a Deputy Secretary or a Joint Director of Planning, nominated by the State Government
h. Two representatives from industry and Trade ordinarily residing with the University area nominated by the State Government for a term of two years
3 The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Board shall meet at least once in three months. Every resolution of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Board shall be placed before the Academic Council and Syndicate for consideration and taking action thereon.
As per Section 35(2) of the Karnataka State Universities Act, 2000, Kuvempu University re-constituted the Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Board with effect from April 21,  2012 with the following members :
01 Prof. Jogan Shankar, Vice-Chancellor Chairman
02 Prof. H.S.Bhojya Naik ,  Registrar Member
03 Prof. Raja Nayak, Registrar(Evaluvation) Member
04 Prof. R.Hiremani Naik , Dean, Faculty of Commerce Member
05 Prof. M. B. Shivanna ,Dean ,Faculty of Science and Technology Member
06 Prof. T.V. Venkatesh , Science and Tecnology Faculties Member
07 Dr. Rajaram R Hegde, Humanities & Social Sciences Faculties Member
08 Director, PMEB Convener
  The services of one Deputy Director, two  Assistant Directors, one First Division Assistant, one Second Division Assistant and one Attender are provided to the PME Board.
Sl.No. Name Designation
01 Prof. Syed Ashfaq Ahmed Director
02 Dr. B.J.Gireesh Deputy Director
03 Dr. Daranikumar Assistant Director
  The PME Board of the University has been taking steps, in consultation with the Academic departments and the administration, regarding academic courses, research programmes, interdisciplinary activities, interaction with the outside agencies for training, extension, and research and to monitor the implementation and evaluation of the programmes and activities undertaken.
Workshops/Orientation Programmes Organised by PME Board:
Sl.No. Programme Title Date
01 Workshop on Karnataka Civil Service Rules 28-02-2007
02 Workshop on Academic and Administration Audit, Internal Quality Assurance 10-03-2007
03 Workshop on Patent and Copyrights 28-04-2007
04 Orientation Programme on Different Aspects of Teaching Methodology 06-05-2007
05 Workshop on New Methodology for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Educational Institution 07-05-2007
06 Academic and Administrative Audit Committee, Second Visit 15-06-2007 to 16-06-2007
07 Three- day Workshop on Research Methodology 02-08-2007 to 04-08-2007
08 Workshop on Preparation of Research Proposals for submission to Funding Agencies 18-08-2007
09  Workshop on NAACs New Methodology and UGC Schemes for Colleges 22-09-2007
10 Students Grievances Redressal Programme 18-10-2007
11 Teachers Grievances Redressal Programme 26-10-2007
12 Training Programme for UGCs NET (Paper - I) 26-10-2007 to 29-10-2007
13 One-day Workshop on Academic and Administrative Audit, and Internal Quality Assurance Cell 03-12-2007
14 Orientation Programme on Governance and Leadership 01-03-2008
15 One-day Workshop of Development of Question Bank 11-03-2008
16 Submission of Re-accreditation Report to NAAC 25-04-2008
17 Sadhana Puraskara Programme 22-05-2008
18 Gender Sensitization and Women Empowerment 04-07-2008
19 Mock Peer Team Visit 07-07-2008 to 08-07-2008
20 Meeting with Non-Teaching Staff 28-07-2008
21 Workshop on Autonomous Colleges - Eligibility, Procedure and Benefits 08-08-2008
22  Debate Competition on Population and Development 19-09-2008
23 An Interaction Session with AIU President, Prof. Pathan on Challenges before Higher Education 20-09-2008
24 Peer Teams Visit 15-10-2008 to 18-10-2008
25 NET Training Programme 22-11-2008 to 25-11-2008 &
26 Workshop on Perspective Plans 13-12-2008
27 Workshop on Karnataka State Universities Act, 2000 20-02-2009
28 One Day Workshop on Research and Documentation 22-05-2009
29 Special Programme on Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship Opportunities 25-05-2009
30 Training Programme for UGC?s NET 07-06-2009 to 10-06-2009
31 Workshop on Anti-ragging 07-09-2009
32 Personality Development Course 11-09-2009 to 13-09-2009
33 Debate Competition on Population and Development 26-09-2009
34 Training for UGCs NET 28-11-2009 to 01-12- 2009