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  •            The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was established in 2007. The course is designed to provide trained and skilled man power for ever growing pharmaceutical industries in India. The department offer Ph. D, M. Phil., and M. Sc. programme. The department has three experienced and reputed faculties with international recognition. So far the faculties in the department have produced 2 Ph. Ds and published more than 40 research papers of national and international repute and have two patents to their credit. The faculties in the department visited countries like England, Scotland and Italy for their post doctoral research and research representation. The department strongly encourages M.Sc. students to get actively involved in research activities and help them to get high lucrative scientific job opportunities. The research projects from funding agencies like UGC are being carried out.

  • Name of the Department    Department of Studies and Research in Chemistry
    Year of Establishment        2012-13
    Name of the Chairman      
    Address of the Department Department of Studies & Research in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    School of Chemical Sciences
    Kuvempu University P.G centre
    B.H Road, Kadur,Chickmagalur dist
    Karnataka State, INDIA
    Phone: +91(0)08267-221655, Fax: 08267-221655
  • Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
    M.Sc., CBCS - Semester Scheme  (4 Semesters)

    B.Sc. Degree from recognized University with Chemistry as optional/major/special subject or B. Pharma degree from recognized University.


    M.Phil., One Year Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry


    Ph.D Three Years Minimum Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry


  • Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Area  of  Specialisation
    1 Dr. N.D. Satyanarayan M.Sc.,Ph.D Post Doc., UK Associate Professor Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    2 Dr. Mamatha G.P M.Sc.,Ph.D Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Research Projects
    Sl.No. Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
    1 Electrochemical studies of adrenaline and noradrenaline at carbon nanotube modified glassy carbon electrode UGC Major Dr. Mamatha G.P nil 529800 Comleted
    2 Electrochemical detection of organophosphate pesticides at nano particle based acetylcholinesterase enzyme modified glassy carbon electrode UGC MRP Dr. Mamatha G.P Nil 1128600 On Going
    3 Evaluation of medicinal plants for Antiacne activity Kuvempu University Dr. N.D. Satyanarayan Dr. J Manjanna 50000 completed
    4 Synthesis, Bio-functionalization and toxicology studies of magnetic and noble metal nanoparticles for bio-medical application ICMR New Delhi Dr. N.D. Satyanarayan Dr. N D Satyanarayan 2500000 -
    Research Scholars
    Sl.No. Name Title of Thesis Research Type Guide
    1 Ramyakumari C.T Aadhar card no 6214 5223 7280 Cyclic voltammetric investigation of some bio active organic molecules at modified carbon paste electrode Ph.D. Dr. Mamatha G.P
    2 Santhosh H M Aadhar card no 5770 8341 2717 Electrochemical Studies of some bio active molecules at modified glassy carbon electrode Ph.D. Dr. Mamatha G.P
    3 Manjunath S 724220953595 Modification of electrodes for voltammetric determination of some antimalarial and anticancer durgs Ph.D. Dr. Mamatha G.P
    4 Kiran Kumar S R Aadhar card no 4404 0081 6341 development of metal oxides modified electrodes for electro chemical sensor application. Ph.D. Dr. Mamatha G.P
    5 Ashok K S Aadhar card no 6753 2225 8163 Systesis, electro chemical and biological studies of nitrogen heterocycles Ph.D. Dr. Mamatha G.P
    6 Nagabushan Aadhar card no 9276 9755 5973 Study on influence of additive on the electro deposition of zinc and its alloy for industrial application. Ph.D. Dr. Mamatha G.P
  • Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :
    Title Level Year Funding Agency
    Future Expansions/Diversification Plans :
    01 It is proposed to write projects for funding agencies for financial assistance.
    02 To start P. G. Courses in Analytical chemistry and Nano Technology
    03 To have extension lecture series in common important topic?s in rural languages.
    Placements :
    Many students got placements through campus interview