Members of the Academic Council
01 Prof. Jogan Shankar, Vice-Chancellor Chairman
02 Prof.H.S.Bhojya Naik,  Registrar Member Secretary
03 Prof. Raja Nayak, Registrar (Evaluation) Member
04 Prof. Hiremani Naik R, Finance Officer Member
05 The Director of Technical Education Member
06 The Commissioner for Collegiate Education Member
07 The Joint Director, Department of Regional Colligiate Education Member
08 Dr.Rajaram R.Hegde,Dean, Faculty of Arts Member
09 Prof. M.B.Shivanna, Dean Faculty of Science & Technology Member
10 Prof. R. Hiremani Naik, Dean, Faculty of Commerce Member
11 Dr. S.M.Prakash, Dean, Faculty of Education Member
12 Dr. S.S. Patil, Dean, Faculty of Law, Gulbarga University Member
13 Dr.D. Abdul Budan, Dean, Faculty of Engineering Member
14 Dr. R.H.Walmiki, Librarian(I/c) Member
15 Director, College Development Council Member
16 Prof. A Ramegowda, Director, Student Welfare Member
17 Prof. Syed Ashfaq Ahmed, Director, PME Board Member
18 Dr. S.M.Prakash, Director, Physical Education Member
19 Dr. S.N.Yogesh, Department of Economics Member
20 Dr.D.S.Poornananda, Department of Journalism Member
21 Dr Ravindra Gadkar, Department of Social Work Member
22 Dr. G. Chandrakanth, Department of Applied Goelogy Member
23 Dr. J. Narayana, Department of Environmental Science Member
  Under Article 30(1) (v)
24 Sri Banuprakash,MLC,Mattur, Shivamogga Member
25 Sri R.Prasanna Kumar,MLC, Shivamogga Member
  Under Article 30(1) (vii)
26 Sri T.V Sunil Kumar,Ashoka Nagara, Shivamogga Member
27 Sri B.K Murali,Bhadravathu Shivamogga Dist Member
28 Sri B G Chandamhouli, Basur, Kadur Tq. Chikmagalur Dist. Member
  Under Article 30(1) (Xi)
29 Sri B N Rajanna, Tarikere, Chikmagalur Dist. Member
30 Sri B Tarun Kumar, Bhadravathi, Shivamogga Dist. Member
31 Sri L N Paniraj Jain, Lakkavalli, Tarikere Tq. Chikmagalur Dist./font> Member
32 Smt Vidya Sanu, Vijayanagara, Shivamogga Member
33 Sri S Marulappa, Begur, Chikmagalur Dist Member
34 Sri G Puttaraj, B R Project, Shivamogga Dist. Member
  Under Article 30(1) (vii)
35 Sri. Karunakara, N.N,  Principal, SJJ College of Education, Anandpuram Member
36 Sri Yuviraj B.H,Principal,Kadamba First Grade College,Shiralakoppa Member
33 Prof. William D'Souza, Principal, Hoysala College of Management, Shimoga Member
38 Sister Carmin D'Casta, Principal, St.Charles Degree College, Bhadravathi Member
39 Sri. Indresh, Principal, Jnana Jyothi Town Mahila Samaja First Grade College, Chikmagalur Member
40 Prof.Shiva Prasad, B.S. Principal, NES Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimoga Member
41 Sri.S.K.Shankar, Principal, Jnana Bharathi College of Education, Kadur Member
42 Sri. Poornesh K, Principal, Govt. First Grade College, N.R.Pura Member
43 Sri. K.C.Venkatesh, Principal, First Grade College, Koppa Member
44 Sri. Balachandra Madiwala, Principal, Videhi College of Education. Thirthahalli Member
Members of the Academic Council Committee
01 Prof. Jogan Shankar, Vice-Chancellor Chairman
02 Prof. H.S.Bhojya Naik ,  Registrar Member Secretary
03 The Registrar(Evaluation) Member
04 The Finance Officer Member
05 Prof. R.Hiremani Naik, Dean, Faculty of Commerce  Member
06 Dr. S.M.Prakash,  Dean, Faculty of Education Member
07 The Director, P.M.E Board Member
1 The Academic Council shall consist of the following Members, namely: -
  i The Vice-Chancellor
  ii The Commissioner for Collegiate Education or his nominee not below the rank of a joint Director
  iii The Director of Technical Education or his nominee not below the rank of a Joint Director
  iv One Member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly in respect of each district falling within the University area nominated by the Speaker Karnataka Legislative Assembly
  v Two Members of the Karnataka Legislative Council nominated by the Chairman, Karnataka Legislative Council
  vi Ten Principals of affiliated colleges nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a term of two years by rotation in the order of seniority
  vii Three eminent persons representing Industry, commerce, banking or any other profession based within the territorial jurisdiction of the University nominated by the State Government for a term not exceeding three years
  viii Five Professors of the Department of the University nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, by rotation in the order of seniority each for a term of two years
  ix Five Deans of the faculties nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, by rotation in the order of seniority each for a term of two years.
  x Six students to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of two years of whom One shall be a Student of a Degree Course, one, a Student of a Post-Graduate Course, one, a student of a Professional Course, one, a candidate of the National Cadet Corps, one, a candidate of a the National Service Scheme, one sports candidate on the basis of merit and of them so at-least one shall be a woman and one a Research Student.
    Provided that no student shall be eligible for nomination:-
    a Unless his name appears on the rolls of the University or a college affiliated to the University.
    b Unless he is following a course in the University or a college affiliated to thc University leading to a degree or a Post-Graduate degree or Post-Graduate diploma of the University
    c If he is studying in a morning college or an evening college or having examination as an external candidate or through correspondence courses
    d If he has failed to complete a course in six years
  xi Six persons nominated by the State Government for a term of three years from amongst eminent educationists of whom one belonging to the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes; one belonging the other Backward Classes, one representing the Women, one representing the religious minority and two representing others;
  xii The Librarian;
  xiii The Director of Students Welfare;
  xiv The Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Board;
  xv The Director of the College Development Council;
  xvi The Director of Physical Education;
  xvii The Registrar (Evaluation)
  xviii The Registrar-Member Secretary.
        Provided that no person who is in the employment of an affiliated college or in the University in whatever capacity shall be eligible for nomination.
2 The Academic Council shall meet at-least four times during an academic year, however that the duration between two Consecutive meetings shall not exceed three months.
3 Powers of the Academic Council:
  to make Regulations regarding the courses of study in so far as they are not covered by the ordinances;
1 The Academic Council shall be the Academic body the University and shall subject to the provisions of this Act, the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations, have the control and general regulation of, and be responsible for the maintenance of, the standards of instruction, education and examination on the University;
2 Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing and subject to such conditions as may be specified by or under the provisions of this Act, the Academic Council shall exercise the following powers, namely:-
  i to make proposal for issue of Ordinances, relating to academic matters;
  iii to make Regulations regarding the scheme of examinations and conditions on which the students shall be admitted to the examinations, degrees, diplomas, certificates or other academic distinctions;
  iv to make Regulation for declaration of the results of the various University Examinations;
  v to arrange for co-ordination of studies and of teaching in colleges and in recognised institutions;
  vi to make proposals for allocating subjects to the Faculties and to assign its own members to the Faculties;
  vii to determine the criteria for grant of exemptions relating to the admission of students to examinations;
  viii to make proposals for the institution of posts of Professorships, Readerships, Lectureships and other posts of teachers required by the University and for prescribing the duties of such posts;
  ix to make proposals for the institution and award of fellowships, travelling fellowships, scholarship, studentship, or exhibitions;
  x to make Regulations prescribing equivalence of examinations;
  xi to make Regulations for granting exemptions from approved courses of study in the University or in affiliated colleges to qualify for degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions;
  xii to provide for instruction, teaching and training in such branches of learning and courses of study as may be appropriate for research for the advancement and dissemination of learning;
  xiii to make such provision as will enable the affiliated colleges and recognised institutions to undertake specialisation of studies;
  xiv  to consider the annual financial estimates;
  xv to amend or repeal any regulation;
  xvi to nominate Members to the various authorities of the University;
  xvii to exercise such other powers and to perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on it by this Act or the Statutes, Ordinance or Regulations, made there under;
  xviii to establish and maintain departments of research and specialized studies and
  xix generally to advise the University in all academic matters.