The List of Members of Syndicate
01 Prof. Jogan Shankar, Vice-Chancellor Chairman
02 Prof. H. S. Bhojya Naik,  Registrar Member Secretary
03 Prof. Raja Nayak, The Registrar (Evaluation) Member
04 The Commissioner for Collegiate Education Member
05 The Director , Department of Technical Education Member
06 The Commissioner , Department of  Public Instruction Member
07 The Director , Department of Medical Education Member
08 The Joint Director , Colligiate Education Director Nominee Member
09 The Director of Pre-University Instruction Member
10 One Dean To Be Nominate by the Vice-Chancellor Member
11 Sri. L. T. Hemanna, Lakkavalli, Tarikere Tq, Chikamagalur Dist. Member
12 Sri. C. G. Pathappa, Nandihalli, Hiriyur Tq. Chitradurga Dist. Member
13 Sri. Rahamathulla Baig, Bhadravathi Member
14 Smt. Geetha Murthy, Chikmagalur Member
15 Sri. H. G. Poornesh Kumar, Shivamogga Member
16 Sri. S. B. Mahadev, Sagara, Shivamogga Dist. Member
17 Prof. Hiramani Naik R, Finance Officer Special Invitee
Under Article 28(1) (F)
18 Prof. William D'Souza, Principal, Hoysala College of Management, Shivamogga Member
19 Prof. Shiva Prasad B.S. Principal, NES Institute of Advanced Studies, Shivamogga Member
20 Sri. S. K. Shankar, Principal, Jnana Bharathi College of Education, Kadur Member
21 Dr. Shalini J, Principal, Mythri College of Education, Shivamogga Member
1 The syndicate shall consist of the following Members, namely: -
  a The Vice-Chancellor
  b The Commissioner for Collegiate Education or his nominee not below the rank of a joint Director
  c The Director of Technical Education or his nominee not below the rank of a Joint Director
  d One Dean nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of one year by rotation according to seniority
  e Two members nominated by the Chancellor from among eminent educationists, of persons from Commerce, Banking, Industry or other professions;
  f Four Principals of affiliated Colleges nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of one year by rotation in the order of seniority, of which one shall be a woman Principal.
  g Six persons nominated by the State Government from amongst eminent educationists of whom :-
    i One shall be a person belonging to the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes
    ii One person belonging to the other Backward Classes
    iii One Woman
    iv One person belonging to Religious Minorities, and
    v Two others provided that no pers on who is in the employment of an affiliated college or in the University in whatever capacity shall be eligible for nomination.
  h One person who is a Professor of Post-Graduate Studies nominated by the Vice Chancellor with approval of State Government for a period of one year by rotation in the order of seniority.
  i the Director of Medical Education or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Director;
  j the Commissioner for Public Instruction or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Director;
  k the Director of Pre-University Education or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Director;
2 The Syndicate shall hold atleast eight meetings, during a year. The duration between two consecutive meetings shall not exceed eight weeks. The Vice-Chancellor may in case of urgency convene Special Meetings.
3 Chancellor or the State Government may by order direct to hold the meetings to discuss such terms of reference as may be specified by them and the Vice-Chancellor shall comply with such directions.
4 Powers of the Syndicate:
1 The syndicate shall have the power to manage the affairs of the University in particular to administer the funds and properties of the University.
2 Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Syndicate shall have the following powers, namely: -
  a To manage and regulate the finances and all other administrative matters of the University and for the purpose to appoint such as it may deem necessary and proper.
  b To enter into, vary, carryout and cancel contracts on behalf of the University;
  c To appoint, subject to the provisions of Section 34 examiners and moderators and if necessary to change or to remove them also to fix their fees, emoluments and traveling and other regulations:
  d To make arrangements for the conduct of examinations prescribed by the statues, ordinances or regulations;
  e To receive, acquire, hold, control and administer the properties of the University, both moveable and immovable and to invest the funds of the University Judiciously in appropriate schemes;
  f To maintain proper accounts of the properties and funds of the University;
  g to charge and collect fees ;
3 Nothing contained in sub-section (2) shall be deemed to confer on the Syndicate, the power to revise the Pay scales of any of the employees or to grant any allowances or emoluments to them.