There shall be a centralized system of admission by counselling to the P.G. Courses of the University. Admission to the different PG Courses in the University is guided by rules and regulations framed by the University. The following are some of the relevant rules and regulations. However, in all matters the rules for the guidance of students existing at the time of admission shall be operative.
1. Candidates who have passed the three year/four year degree examinations of this University or of any other University considered as equivalent thereto, with the required major/optional subjects at the degree level shall be eligible for admission, provided they satisfy the requirements as per regulations. The minimum percentage of marks in the cognate subjects (all the 3 years/4 years put together) shall be :
a) 45% in the case of candidates under General Merit, children of freedom fighters, children/dependents of defence personnel, Categories II-A, II-B, III-A, III-B, NCC and NSS.
b) 40% in the case of candidates belonging to Category-I, Sports and Physically handicapped.
c) 35% in the case of candidates belonging to SC & ST Categories.
Note: Admission Eligibility for Institute of Management Studies, MCA ( Computer Applications) The Eligibility criteria for admission to Institute of Management Studies MCA . is as per the Eligibility criteria prescribed by the V.T.U., Belgaum.
In case of candidates seeking admission to First year M.Com, only the percentage of marks obtained at final year B.Com./B.B.M. shall be considered for determining eligibility of the candidates. Hence, the candidates have to enclose the marks statements of all the years of B.Com./B.B.M. Courses. Similarly admission to I year LLM shall be based on the percentage of marks obtained at Final Year L.L.B. only.
Candidates seeking admission to M.A. in Kannada, English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit on the basis of marks obtained in the relevant language subject shall have secured in the corresponding language 10% more marks than the minimum prescribed for the category under which they are to be admitted.
2. The domiciled candidates should have resided in the state of Karnataka for at least 10 years at any time prior to the date of application. This condition does not apply in the case of
a) Children of officers of All India Services of Karnataka Cadre.
b) Children of employees of the govt. of Karnataka and children of employees of Kuvempu University.
c) Children of Central Government employees serving in the state of Karnataka.
d) Students who have graduated from Kuvempu University.
e) Students who come under certain categories of reservation described in the para 4 (a) to (i).
f ) Children from state of Jammu & Kashmir & North-East states, subject to certain conditions.
3. The intake for different departments has been fixed as shown in sections pertaining to individual departments. The seats thus made available in each department are allotted to various categories as shown in APPENDIX-D. This has been done in accordance with the existing reservation policy of the Karnataka Government. However, the intake can be altered by the University at its discretion. However, the intake can be increased / reduced at the discretion of the University at any time depending upon circumstances.
4. Seat Matrix (Seat distribution)
a) Foreign Students : 15% supernumerary seats can be created in every department of studies to accommodate foreign students. Out of this 5% seats shall be earmarked for the students of Indian workers in the Gulf as per the direction of the Government and after approval by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the Selection Committee of the concerned subject.
b) Defence Personnel/ Dependants : One seat in each course for defence personnel / dependant the seat shall be allotted to candidates in below priorities.
(i) Widows/ Wards of Defence personnel killed in action.
(ii) Wards of serving personnel and ex-servicemen disabled in action
(iii) Widows/ Wards of Defence who died in peace time with death attributable to military service.
(iv) Wards of ex-servicemen personnel and serving personnel who are in receipt of Gallantry awards.
(v) Wards of ex-servicemen
(vi) Wards of serving personnel
c) Children of Freedom Fighters : One seat can be given for the children of freedom fighters. Dependents of freedom fighters are not eligible in this category. Formal prior approval by the University is solicited.
d) Sports
Types of Tournaments Participation Captaining the Team Securing Gold Securing Silver Securing Bronze
Group-I Group-II Group-III
01 Olympic/World Meets 75 65 55 05 30 25 20
02 Common Wealth Games/Asian Games/SAAF/SARC/
International Meets( with 8 countries and above
participating)/World Universities.
60 50 40 05 25 20 15
03 International Meets with seven countries and
below participating
50 40 30 03 22 12 15
04 4 Test Matches 40 30 20 03 - - -
05 Attending National Coaching Camp/Combined
University Teams Coaching Camp.
40 30 20 - - - -
06 National Championship conducted by National
Federation/Inter Zone
35 25 15 02 18 12 10
07 National Meet conducted by Federation/NSS i.e. All India Rural & Women?s Sports 30 20 10 02 15 10 08
08 National School Games Federation by SGFI 28 18 08 02 12 09 06
09 National School Games Federation by SGFI 28 18 08 02 12 09 06
10 State Championship conducted by State Sports
Association and NIS i.e. KSSC/DYSS
25 15 05 02 10 08 06
11 National Physical Efficiency Drive - - - - 15 10 05
3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star
12 Inter University Tournaments Zonal & Direct ? All India Tournaments 25 15 05 02 10 Zonal 08 Zonal 06 Zonal
13 Inter University Tournaments qualifying for the inter zonal/ All India Tournaments after participating in the Zonals. Inter Zonal or All India 35 25 15 02 18 12 10
Inter Zonal or All India
I (a) For additional participation in the same game in different tournaments are in different disciplines points allotted will be as follows.
Group-I 10 points.                Group-II 8 points.                Group ? III 6 points.
  (b) Irrespective of the participation at the various tournaments in various disciplines in the best three participa tion which fetch highest points will be taken for awarding points.
II   For physically handicapped persons 10 grace points will be given.
III   Academic performance will be used for the breaking tie, if any based on sports performance.
Olympic Events(Group-I)
01 Archery 11 Gymanastics 21 Water Polo
02 Athletics 12 Hand Ball 22 Weight Lifting
03 Basket Ball 13 Hockey 23 Wrestling
04 Boxing 14 Judo 24 Yatching
05 Canoeing 15 Modern Pentathlon 25 Teko Wondo
06 Cycling 16 Rowing 26 Table Tennis
07 Diving 17 Shooting 27 Base Ball
08 Equistrian 18 Swimming 28 Lawn Tennis
09 Fencing 19 Synchronised Swimming 29 Badminton
10 Foot Ball 20 Volley Ball    
International Events which are not included in Olympics (Group -II)
01 Billiards 04 Cricket 07 Power Lifting
02 Bridge 05 Chess 08 Soft Ball
03 Body Building 06 Kabaddi 09 Rollar Skating
Indigenous Games(Group-III)
01 Atyapatya 04 Kho-Kho 07 Yoga
02 Ball Badminton 05 Tennikot 08 Mallakhamba
03 Carom 06 Throw Ball    
One seat for an outstanding Sportsman who has represented Kuvempu University or Karnataka State or India in any inter University,interstate or International sports or games event during his/ her graduation period as applicable.