Sports and NSS

Kuvempu University NSS wing is rated as one of the best in Karnataka State. There is a programme coordinator whose office is presently housed near Sahyadri College, Shimoga. The NSS wing provides training to the under-graduate students by organising annual camps, national camps and socially useful programmes. It also coordinates the adult literacy programmes in which the students participate actively. The NSS Wing has won a number of awards at the State and higher levels including the Best University in NSS award. The Post-Graduate unit of NSS has students from the Post-Graduate departments on the campus. It is supervised by a co-ordinator (from the faculty) and his team.


Inter - Collegiate Competitions in almost all the games and aports are organised regularly, in which maximum number of students from the affiliated colleges participate. About 25 teams in various sports disciplines are take part in the Inter University competitions. The Director of Physical Educations supervises collegiate sports activities. Sports activities for the Post-Graduate students are organised by the P.G. Sports Secretary under the supervision of Director  of  Physical  Education.

The University has established a well equipped Indoor Sports Complex, which is has facilities for all  indoor games including Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Gymnastics and modern Multi Gymnasium. Apart from this, it houses office of the Director of Physical Education, secretary of P.G. Sports Section, Chairman and Class rooms for both M.P.Ed. and B.P.Ed. Courses. This also accomplished with 24 well furnished dwelling rooms.