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                   The department of PG studies and Research in Biotechnology was first established as the 'Department of P.G Studies and Research in Life Science' on 1st January 1992 at Bhadra Reservoir Project (BRP). During March, 1996 it was shifted to the University campus.
                  Considering the global and national trend of giving importance to the advanced and applied disciplines, the University decided to convert the department into the Department of Biotechnology. During the year 2000-2001 the department of life science was re-designated as the 'Department of Biotechnology' based on the guidelines and recommendations of an expert Committee headed by Prof. R. Ramamurthy, Former DST Secretary. To maintain the national standards the syllabus for the M.Sc., Biotechnology course was framed on the lines of recognized syllabi of ten different universities from various states. The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), New Delhi considering the need for such a department against the background of rural nature of the University area, and the existence of rich biodiversity around this University sanctioned Rupees 22. 00 lakhs to update the laboratory of the department. The department has the latest models of laboratory equipment required for an ideal biotechnology laboratory. The department has sufficient number of qualified teaching staff along with well trained young guest faculty. In addition experts from various other universities and research institutes may also visit very often to deliver special lectures on specialized topics.
                  After the commencement of the Biotechnology programme the department made significant progress both in academics and in research. Several students after completing the M.Sc have joined for research in reputed research institutes in India and abroad. Some of them have joined multinational Biotech Companies. In the department, thus far more than 20 research students have been awarded the Ph.D degrees in various aspects of Biotechnology under the guidance of permanent faculties. Still many are working. Since 2006-07, the department is also offering the M. Phil course.
    During the year 2004-05, the Department started a Master Degree programme in Bioinformatics, first of its kind in the entire Karnataka state. The students after completing this course are well placed in the multinational companies. The Department is having collaborative research with many reputed Institutes such as, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research Bangalore, University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore, Coffee Research Station Balehonnur, and Institute of Bioinformatics (IOB) ITPL, Bangalore.
                The Medicinal Plants Board New Delhi has awarded a Research grant of Rs. 10.00 lakh to Prof. B. Abdul Rahiman for producing quality plant materials of some important medicinal plants, Department is also establishing a Plant Tissue Culture Production Center on commercial basis spending Rs. 60.00 lakhs
  • Name of the Department     Department of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
    Year of Establishment         2004
    Name of the Chairman     
    Dr.Riaz Mahmood
    Address of the Department Department of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Biotechnology
    Kuvempu University, Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta - 577451
    Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State, INDIA
     Phone: +91(0)8282-256235, 256167   Fax: 08282-256255
     E-mail: bt@kuvempu.ac.in
  • Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
    M.Sc., Biotechnology CBCS, Two-year, Four Semesters   40
    M.Sc., Bioinformatics CBCS, Two-year, Four Semesters   28
    M. Phil Full-time: One year MSc., with minimum 55% 3/Guide
    Ph. D Full-time : 3-5 Years
    Part-time : 4-5 Years
    MSc., with minimum 55% 5+2/Guide
  • Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Area  of  Specialisation
    1 Prof. Krishna V M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Plant Biotechnology, Phytochemistry, Plant Taxonomy & Pharmacology
    2 Dr. Riaz Mahmood M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Genetics, Molecular Biology, Genetic Toxicology, Animal Biotechnology, Pharmacognosy
    3 Prof. Ramachandra Y. L. M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Immunotechnology, Microbiology, Phytopharmacology and Omics
    4 Dr. Manjunatha H. M.Sc.Ph.D Assistant Professor Biochemistry and Systems Biology
    5 Mr. Santhosh Kumar H S M.Sc, Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics Assistant Professor Biochemistry and Bioinformatics
    6 Dr. Kumaraswamy H M M.Sc., Ph.D Assistant Professor Cancer Biology, Medicinal Plants, Anti-cancer Therapeutics
  • Research Projects
    Sl.No. Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
    1 Production and supply of Tissue Culture Plantlets of Banana var. Putta bale to the rural farmers DBT Prof. Krishna V Dr. B Tippeswamy 3200000 Ongoing
    2 Bioprospecting of Medicinal Plants of Western Ghats, Karnataka (BUILDER Project) DBT Prof. Krishna V Prof. Riaz MahmoodProf. M KrishnappaProf. J NarayanaProf. Nagaraja 44983600 Ongoing
    3 Ex-situ conservation, mass production of phytochemicals from the in vitro cultured cell lines and evaluation of antiarthritis activity of Delonix elata (L.) Gamble DST Prof. Krishna V .. 600000 Ongoing
    4 Ex situ conservation and bio-prospecting of an romatic medicinal tree- Litsea glutinosa C.B.Rob UGC Prof. Krishna V .. 700000 Completed
    5 Production and supply of Tissue Culture Plantlets of Banana var. Putta bale to the rural farmers DBT Prof. Krishna V Prof. J Narayana 1899995 Completed
    6 Proteomics and In-silico Drug Designing studies on Hepatoprotectivity of phytoconstituents of Flaveria trinervia against alcohol induced liver cirrhosis UGC Prof. Krishna V 1100000 Completed
    7 Evaluation of anti-oxidant and gastric anti-ulcer property of Mesua ferrea Lin. DBT Prof. Krishna V Prof.V Krishna 1151000 Completed
    8 Mushroom Biotechnology intervention for socioeconomic upliftment of SC /ST farmers of Malnad region of Karnataka DBT Prof. Krishna V Prof.V Krishna 1426000 Completed
    9 Evaluation of antiarthritic property of bioactive constituents of Embelia ribes UGC Prof. Krishna V Prof.V Krishna 913997 Completed
    10 Evaluation of Antioxidant and Anti-gastric ulcer property of Mesua ferrea Linn. DBT, New Delhi Dr. Manjunatha H. Prof. Krishna V. 1151000 Completed
    11 Acetogenins Modulate ATM Signalling in Nicotine induced Chemoresistance in Pancreatic Cancer. DST Dr. Kumaraswamy H M Nil 2370000 Ongoing
    12 Evaluation of antiarthritic property of the bioactive constituents of Embelia ribes Burm. UGC Dr. Kumaraswamy H M Prof. Krishna V 914300 Completed
    13 Molecular mechanisms of combined inhibitory effect of dietary curcumin and capsaicin on endotoxin induced inflammation DST-SERB, New Delhi Dr. Manjunatha H. Nil 1200000 ongoing
    14 Studies on the endotoxin neutralizing protein interaction network with anti-inflammatory UGC, New Delhi Dr. Manjunatha H. Dr. Kumara Swamy B E 873500 Completed
    Research Scholars
    Sl.No. Faculty Name of the Supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
    1 Prof. Krishna V Shashi Kumar R 03/12/2012 0000-00-00 Micropropagation and evaluation of Glmercular protective activity of Musa species Monthan cultivar Karibale. 0000-00-00 0
    2 Prof. Krishna V Deepti V Patil .. 0000-00-00 Phytochemical and pharmacological investigations of Delonix elata 0000-00-00 0
    3 Prof. Krishna V Santhosh Kumar J U .. 0000-00-00 DNA barcoding for the assessment of species in admixture of herbal raw drugs trade in Karnataka 0000-00-00 0
    4 Prof. Krishna V Arunodaya H S .. 0000-00-00 Micropropagation and Pharmacological screening of Phytochemicals of Litsea glutinosa C.B. Rob. 0000-00-00 0
    5 Prof. Krishna V Nagabhushan 08 0000-00-00 Evaluation of phenotypic traits and germplasm assessment of Finger millet cultivars using microsatellite markers 0000-00-00 0
    6 Prof. Krishna V Sudhesh L Shastri 248 0000-00-00 Micropropagation and Pharmacological investigations of Mammea suriga Kosterm. 0000-00-00 0
    7 Prof. Krishna V Ravi Kumar S 336 0000-00-00 In Vitro production of phytochemicals and screening of anticancer property of Bridelia scandens Wild. 0000-00-00 0
    8 Science Dr. Kumaraswamy H M Sandeep Kumar Jain R Full Time 337 2016-03-14 Evaluation of Bioactive Principles from Garcinia talbotii Raizada. for their Therapeutic Potential 2019-06-30 NO NIL
    9 Science Dr. Kumaraswamy H M Meghana P Full Time 339 2016-03-14 Investigation and Screening of Bioactive ConstituentsFrom Artabotyrs odoratissimus R.Br. 2016-06-30 YES DST- WOSA
    10 Science Prof. Krishna V Mr. Girish Kumar K Full Time 493 0000-00-00 Micropropagation and production of disease resistant of Musa accuminata var. Putta bale against Fusarium oxysporum F.sp. cubense caused panama disease in the farmyards of shivamogga dist 0000-00-00 YES -
  • Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :
    Title Level Year Funding Agency
    Refresher course National Level 2002-03 UGC
    Workshop in Genetic Engineering for Kuvempu University college teachers Regional Level 2003-04 University
    National workshop in Bioinformatics for University and College Teachers National Level 2004-05 University
    Future Expansion/Diversification Plans:
    Plan of action of the department for the next five years
    To send individual research proposals to various funding agencies
    To send proposal for SAP to UGC., DBT, DST, CSIR
    The department established a commercial tissue culture laboratory for the benefit farmers of Kuvempu university jurisdiction. The important cash crops like banana, vanilla and endemic medicinal plants are propagated through tissue culture method and sell to the farmers at low prizes.
    Placement record of the past students and the contribution of the department to the student placements.
    i 10 students are appointed in Central labs
    ii 10 students are appointed in Central labs
    iii 25 students are self employed and established research labs
    iv 04 students are moved to higher studies to USA
    v 10 students are pursuing higher studies in India