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  •              The Department of Political Science was established in the year 1988. Apart from Post-Graduate course in Political Science, the Department offers Research Degree Program course leading to PhD degree course. The Department is actively involved in research. It has undertaken various research projects in collaboration with National and International research Organisations. The Department has established two study chairs namely: 1. Sri. Abdul Nazeer Sab Chair for the study of Panchayat Raj and Decentralization in 1998 and Sri Abdul Nazeersab Chair headed by Prof.K.ChandraShekhar who is a Chairman of the Dept. and 2. Sri. Shantaveri Gopala Gowda Chair for the study of Parliamentary affairsin 2003 headed by Prof. S.A Javeed And Dr. B.R Ambdedkar Study Centre came into existence in the same Department for the study of downtrodden communities in Karnataka.
    Semester system was introduced in the year 2002 and Choice Based Credit System in the year 2005 for the first time in the state. The syllabus has been revised thrice in the last five years to needs and requirements of the changing times. New theme papers such as Contemporary Political Theory, Contemporary Debates in Political Theory, India’s Foreign Policy, Human Rights, Govt. and Politics in Karnataka etc were introduced under the semester scheme. The syllabus was revised according to the normsprescribed by the UGC and also the requirements of the students. Under CBCS system, the Department has offered four interdisciplinary courses in Human Rights, Theories ofDevelopment, Panchayati Raj in Karnataka, and Public Administration.
    The Department of Political Science envisages introduction of innovative courses in response to changing socio-economic and political scenario. It strives to achieve status in times to come and also introduce inter-disciplinary research with main focus on discipline of Political Science
    1. To serve the community by providing quality teaching, meaningful, useful, objective research and extension services consistent with changing needs and requirements of the community.
    2. In achieving this mission, the Department is committed to acquaint the students for a complex social and technological world.
    The department has many collaborations with different National and international institutions. Such as CSDS, New Delhi, for pre election survey in Karnataka, Academic and Research Collaboration with Ghent University, Belgium. 4 Centre for the Study of Local Cultures (CSLC), Kuvempu University, for academic purposes, and collaboration with the Department of ACEEFO Kuvempu University for creating political awareness among members of Panchayati Raj institutions. And CSCS (Centre for Study of Society and Culture) for Academic purposes.
    Participation of teachers in academic activities other than teaching and research
    The teachers of the Dept. are actively participating in all academic activities of the university such as preparing new courses, and curricula, setting question papers, conducting examinations, valuation work, conducting orientation programmes for the Distance education students, organizing seminars and workshops, etc. The faculty members of the Department of Political Science have been very active in various academic activities in addition to the Departmental work by shouldering different responsibilities. Prof K.ChandraShekhar, is working as Distance Education Coordinator for MA Political Science.
    Publications of Books
    The Faculty members of the Department have published books in Kannada as well as in English.
    1. Prof. K. Chandrashekhar : Indian Political System 2010 Ajay Publications, Bangalore.
    2. Prof. K. Chandrashekhar : Abhivruddhi Pathadalli Panchayat Raj Samstegalu. 2012, Bangalore.
    3. Prof. K. Chandrashekhar : Political Contribution of Lokamanya Tilak: in edited book entitled Swantantrodaya Myli Gallugalu: published by Rashtrothanna Sahithya 2013, 12th edition, Bengaluru.
    4. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K:Comparative Politics (Kannada Version)Publisher:DEC,Kuvempu University 2016.Pages-232
    5. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K:Comparative Politics (English Version)Publisher:DEC,Kuvempu University 2016.Pages-230
    6. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K : Indian Political system ( English Version)Publisher: DEC,Kuvempu University 2016. Pages-245
    7. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K : Indian Political system ( Kannada Version)Publisher: DEC,Kuvempu University 2016. Pages-300
    8. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K: Indian Constitution(1st B.A., B.Com., B.B.M. compulsory paper)(Kannada Version) Publisher: DEC,Kuvempu University 2016. Pages-215
    9. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K: Western Political thought (English Version) Publisher: Karnataka State Open University, Mysore2016. Pages-115
    10. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K: Western Political thought(( Kannada Version) Publisher: Karnataka State Open University, Mysore2016. Pages-72
    11.Prof.Chandrashekhar.K : Indian Political system ( Kannada Version)Publisher: DECBangalore UniversityJnana Bharathi Bangalore 2016. Pages-173
    12. Prof.Chandrashekhar.K : Indian Political system (English Version)Publisher: DECBangalore UniversityJnana Bharathi Bangalore 2016. Pages-198
    1.Shanmukha, A. 2013. Janalokapala mattu Bharateeya Prajaprbhutvadallina Bhrastachaara,Prasaranga, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta, Published ISBN-13: 978-81-925193-3-3
    2. Shanmukha, A. and Rajaram Hegde 2015. Kottakudureyaneralariyade: Vachanagala Adhyayanadalli Adhunikara Purvagrahagalu mattu avugalaachege. Sirsi: Nilume Prakashana. ISBN: 978-81-93-1501-2-2.
    Awards / recognitions received at the national and international level by Faculty
    Faculty – Prof. K. Chandrashekhar:? Aathuthamma Shishkshana Kalparuksha Award(Best Teacher Kalpavrukhs Award) was granted by State Level Committee constituted by Shikshana Jnana News Paper,held at Govt Employees Association Bhavan, Cubbon park, Bangalore on 1712-2011.
    List of Research Scholars who have been awarded PhD degrees
    From Kumvepu University
    01. Dr. G.T. Ramanna
    02. Dr. Ananth
    03. Dr. Veerappa
    04. Dr. Kumaraswamy
    05 Dr. Kiran M
    06. Dr. Praveen
    07. Dr. Manjunath J
    08 . Dr. Basavaraj
    09. Dr. Santhosh Kumar P K
    10. Dr. Santhosh H
    11. Dr. Chidananda
    12. Dr. K. Chandrappa
    13. Dr. Kavitha
    14. Dr. Vasanth Naik
    15. Dr. Shruthi
    16 .Dr Santohs Hosahali
    17. Dr. Divya H L
    19. Dr Shakeera Banu
    20. Dr Pradeep
    21 .Dr Suthetha U B
    From Other University
    01. Dr. K.G. Srinivas
    02. Dr. Onkarappa
    03. Dr. K M Kumar
    04. Dr. Mohammed Yaseen
    Names of the Distinguished Alumni of the Department (maximum 10)
    1.Mr. Jagadish, Asst. Commissioner, Karnataka Administrative Service
    2. Dr. Kumar Naik, Asst. Commissioner, Commercial Taxes.
    3. Mr. Venkatesh Circle Inspector of Police
    4. Mr. Ajmal, Asst. Manager, Bank of Bahrain
    5. Mr. Jagadish, Sub Inspector of Police, Bellari
    6.Murulidhar Karnataka Revenue Service
    7. Mr. Jagadish, Swamiji of a Mutt near Chikkamagaluru.
    8. Dr. Chidananda, Asst. Professor, PG First Grade Collage, Chitradurga.
    9. Dr. Ananth Associate Professor, PG,‘GFGC Chennagiri.
    10. Dr. Kumaraswamy Asst. Professor
    11. Mrs. Seema Kousar Asst. Professor
    12. Dr. Basavaraj, Asst. Professor
    13.Dr. Vasanth Naik, Asst. Professor
    14. Mrs. Divya H. L, Asst. Professor
    15. Mrs. Jyothi, Asst. Professor
    16.Mr. Nagendrappa K.T Asst. Professor
    17. Mr. Rohith Heggade, Asst. Professor
    18. Dr. Ramanna Asst Proffesor
    Method of continuous assessment of students.
    Students have been continuously evaluated by using different methods such as class-room tests, Assignments, Seminars, etc.
    Major Strengths, Opportunities of the Department
    1. Faculty actively engaged in research and publication
    2. Qualified Teachers
    3. Regularity of Class and other Academic Activities
    4. Field Studies
    5. Good Supporting Staff
    1. Serious and Disciplined students
    2. Experienced Teaching faculty
    Future plans of the Department.
    1.Updating the Placement records
    2. Up gradation of the 2 chairs as Research Centres
    3.Establishment Rapport for inter-departmental Interaction.
    4.Departmental Well stocked library containing dictionary, text books, reference books, project reports and theses
    5. Conducting the work shops, seminars, Conferences
    Facilities of the Department:
    Present details of departmental infrastructural facilities with regard to
    b. Internet facilities for staff and students
    c. Total number of class rooms - 02
    d. Class rooms with ICT facility - 02

  • Name of the Department    Department of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Political Science
    Year of Establishment 1988
    Name of the Chairman
    Address of the Department Department of Post-Graduate Studies and Reseach in Political Science
    Kuvempu University, Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta - 577 451
    Phone: +91(0)08282-256176,  Fax: 08282-256255
    E-mail: pol_science@kuvempu.ac.in
  • Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
    M.A CBCS, Two-year, Four Semesters B.A., Degree with Political Science as a optional subject
    Ph. D 3-5 Years M.A., in Political Science
  • Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Area  of  Specialisation
    1 Dr. S.Abdul Javeed M.A,Ph.D Professor Western Political Thought,Public Administration,Research Methodology
    2 Prof. Chandrashekhar K M.A.,Ph.D. Chairman Indian Political System, Panchayati Raj, Comparative Politics
    3 Dr. Shanmukha A M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor Indian Political Thought, Cultural Studies, Secularism Debates.
  • Research Projects
    Sl.No. Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
    1 Farmer Suicides: A Study in the Districts of Shimoga and Chikkamagalore. Sri Abdul Nazeersab Chair, Kuvempu University Dr. Shanmukha A Dr. A Shanmukha 40000 Completed
    2 Status of Dalits in Village Life Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Centre, Kuvempu University Dr. Shanmukha A None 80000 Completed
    3 The Practice of Untouchability: A Study in the State Of Karnataka UGC, New Delhi Dr. Shanmukha A None 779600 Completed
    4 Asia-Link:DEVHAS (Development of Human Resources and Strategies for Education on the Stereotypical Images and Cultural Differences between Europe and South-Asia Europion Commission Dr. Shanmukha A Dr. A Shanmukha 2000000 Completed
    5 Development of the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures Flemish Inter-University Council, Belgium. Dr. Shanmukha A Dr. A Shanmukha 7000000 Completed
    6 Working of Zilla Panchayaths in Karnataka – A comparative study of two districts namely Mysore and Shimoga ICSR Prof. Chandrashekhar K Nill 230000 Complited
    Research Scholars
    Sl.No. Faculty Name of the Supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
    1 Dr. Shanmukha A Shreedhar Barki Ku:Ps:Ph.D:PRG-05 0000-00-00 Jati vyavasthe mathu asprushyatheya acharane:Gulbarga jilleya ondu adhyayana. 0000-00-00 0
    2 Dr. Shanmukha A Shivakumara P.V Ku:Ps:Ph.D:-46 0000-00-00 "Samajika chalavaligalu mattu prabhutva: Karnatakadalli dalita chalavaliya adhyana" 0000-00-00 0
    3 Dr. Shanmukha A Santosha E Ku:Ps:Ph.D:-47 0000-00-00 sampradayika Nyaya tirmana: Karnataka sandarbhadalli ondu adhyana" 0000-00-00 0
    4 Dr. Shanmukha A Raghu S Ku:Ps:Ph.D:-48 0000-00-00 "Dalitha samasyeya nivaraneyalli Mathantharada Pathra: Ondhu Adhyana" 0000-00-00 0
    5 Dr. Shanmukha A Veena E Ku:Ps:Ph.D:-45 0000-00-00 "Prabhutva mattu jati vyavasthe: Rajakiya Ashmitheyagi Ediga samudayada Rachane Haghu Samsyegalu" 0000-00-00 0
    6 Dr. Shanmukha A Vinutha S Patil Ku:Ps:Ph.D:-194 0000-00-00 Grama Swaraj: Karantakadallina Gramina Abhivruddi Yojanegala ondhu adyana 0000-00-00 0
  • Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :
    Title Level Year Funding Agency
    Revision of, UG Syllabus Political Science State 17-02-2016 Kuvempu University
    Contemporary trends in Political Science Research State 28-02-2015 Kuvempu University
    “Parliamentary Democracy in India” University 17.01.2013 Kuvempu University
    Framing of syllabus University 21.10.2012 Kuvempu University
    “Recent Trends in Panchayat Raj Institutions of Karnataka” State 30-04-2012 Kuvempu University
    1.Interaction Programme with Indian Ambassador Sri Balakrishnasetty on India and the External World Problems
    2.Role of youth in Diplomacy, Opportunities and Prospectus
    Regional Level April 2nd 2012 to April 3rd 2012 Kuvempu University
    “Revision of Political Science syllabus at Degree level" State 29.05.2011 Kuvempu University
    Corruption in Public Officers: Causes and Remedies State 2007 Shanthaveri Gopala Gowda Chair and KUPSA
    UNO Day, 60th Anniversary - Challanges State 2006 Shanthaveri Gopala Gowda Chair, Kuvempu University
    Dharma and Ethics Conference-II International 2006 Ghent University and Kuvempu University
    Decline of Legislature State 2005 Shanthaveri Gopala Gowda Chair and KUPSA
    Thinking through Region National 2005 CSCS, Bangalore and CSLC, Kuvempu University
    Dharma and Ethics Conference-I International 2005 Ghent University and Kuvempu University
    Democracy and Diversity National 2004 Shanthaveri Gopala Gowda Chair, Kuvempu University
    Local Governance in Karnataka: Problems and Prospects State 2003 Abdul Nazir Sab Chair, Kuvempu University
    Political Science Conference State 2003 KSPSA and KUPSA
    Special Lectures:    
    Topic Resource Person Year
    History of Kashmir Issue Prof. Preamshekar Professor of History Pondicherry University 10-11-2016
    New Public Administration Dr. Suresh K C Dept. of Political Science Tumkur University 28-02-2015
    Resent trends in Karnataka Politics Prof. Ramachandrappa Dept. of Political Science University of Mysore 28-02-2015
    Research methodology in Public administration Prof. Narsimha Murthy Dept. of Political Science Bangalore University 28-02-2015
    Present Movement Prof. M H Assadi Dept. of Political Science University of Mysore 28-02-2015
    Human Rights Sri. Mohanram Dept. of LLM Kuvempu University 13-03-2014
    Pre-Independence politics in Karnataka Dr. Chandrashekar S Former Vice-Chancellor Central University Gulbarga 03-02-2014
    Problems and prospectsof Democracy in India. Sri. Ayanur Manjunath Member of Parliament Shivamoga Dist. 24-01-2014
    “Parliamentary Democracy in India” Mr. Surya Prakash Senior Journalist and Senior Fellow at Vivekananda International Foundation, New Delhi 17-01-2013
    Decline of legislature in India Sri. B.L. Shankar Political Leader Govt. of Karnataka 24-01-2014
    "The relationship between mass communication and political activities" Prof. Poornanda, Chair person of the Dept. of Journalism and mass communication Kuvempu University 26.11.2012
    India and the External World Problems. Sri. Balakrishna Shetty Embassy, Govt. of India, New Delhi. 02-03-2012
    Constitutional l & Electoral Reforms, Bangalore Prof. RLM Patil Dept. of Political Science Bangalore University, Bangalore 22-01-2012
    Globalization and its impacts on politics Prof. M H Assadi Dept. of Political Science University of Mysore, Mysore 18-11-2011
    Debates on precolonial states Prof RajaramHegde, , Chair person of the Dept. of History Kuvempu University 18-02-2011
    Youth leadership in politics Sri. Krishna Bhyregowda Minister GoK, Bangalore 10-02-2010
    Challenges to the Indian polity Sri Shivasundar Journalist “Lankesh” Bangalore 18-04-2010