The e-Shodhsindhu programme (formerly UGC-Infonet Digital Library Consortium) is a joint venture undertaken by the UGC and INFLIBNET Centre to promote electronic information resource sharing activity among major university libraries in the country. The Kuvempu University has signed MoU for UGC-Infonet Programme with UGC-INFLIBNET on 16-12-2002. This service was started with 128/256 Kbps Broadband VSAT physical internet connection established by ERNET-India, New Delhi then it was upgraded to 256 kbps. But during 2007-08 to make effective usage of e-resources the UGC upgraded the speed of internet from 256 kbps to 2 MB leased line. Further, it was upgraded to 1 Gbps leased line under NMEICT/NKN programme during 2010-11. The Electronic resource distribution is being made by INFLIBNET Centre to the Universities under consortia scheme.

Under the program the University Library is providing e-journals service to its users through different approach viz., Alphabetic-wise, Subject-wise and Publisher-wise.


Usage of e-Resources listed below are IP Address authenticated and can be accessed on the campus wide network.


Publisher-wise e-resources

Alphabetic-wise  Index

Subject-wise Index



American Institute of Physics  19 full text journals including AIP Society Package
American Chemical Society 49 full text journals with  Archival Access
American Physical Society 13 full text journals with  Archival Access
Annual Reviews 43 full text journals with  Archival Access
Cambridge University Press  224 full text journals with  Archival Access
Economic and Political Weekly Scholarly Journal of Economics and Political Science
Elsevier Science Direct 1036 Peer Reviewed Scholarly journals with Archival Access since 1995
Emerald Publishing Service 432 full text journals with archival Access
Institute of Physics 45 full text journals. Archival Access
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development(ISID) One Database
JCCC-UGC-Infonet-Gateway Gateway Portal - 7900+ full text journals
JSTOR 3165 Scholarly Journals with  Archival Collections
MathsciNet One Database
Nature 1 full text journal with Archival Access
Oxford University Press 262 full text journals with  Archival Access
Project Muse  676 full text journals Archival Access
Portland Press 6 Scholarly journals
Project Euclid: Cornwell University 27 Scholarly journals in Mathematics & Statistics
Royal Society of Chemistry 29 full text journals + 6 Databases Archival Access
Springer Link 1438 full text journals  on different disciplines
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) 14 full text journals
Taylor & Francis  1079 Scholarly Journals on different disciplines
Web of Science

Citation database with multidisciplinary coverage of over 10,000 high-impact
journals on different disciplines

Wiley Blackwell Publishing 908 Scholarly Journals with  Archival Access