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Department of Applied Zoology

Dr. Venkateshwarlu MM.Sc., Ph.D,


Area Of Research

Eco-Toxicology / Fisheris


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Journals Publications

Sl No Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
1 Jnaneshwari S. Joshi and Venkateshwarlu M. Seasonal Favourability of Spiders Belonging to Family Aranneidae in Dhakshina Kannada District of Karnataka. 3.4 International Journal of Life sciences Research. 2018-07-01
2 Jnaneshwari S. Joshi and Venkateshwarlu M. Study of Parental Care in spider species of Sparrassidae, Ctenidae and Salticidae family in Dhakshin Kannada District of Karnataka 3.4 International Journal of Life sciences Research 2018-07-01
3 Prashanthakumara. S. Murthappa, Jobi. J. Malamel, Dhruv A. Prajapati, Pothalil A. Sebastian and Midi First description of the male of the type species Meotipa picturata Simon, 1895 and Description of a new Meotipa species (Araneae, Theridiidae) from India. 0.9 Zootaxa 2017-11-08
4 Shivaraju, Venkateshwarlu M. and Shahnawaz Ahmad Ecology and Icthyofaunal Diversity of Mydala Lake of Tumakur, Karanataka state, India 5.14 International journal of zoology Studies 2017-09-01
5 Prashanthakumara SM and M. Venkateshwarlu Preliminary study of Spiders (Aranea: Arachnida) In Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Shivamogga, Karnataka 6.86 International Journal of Recent Scientific Research 2017
6 Prashanthakumara SM and M. Venkateshwarlu Diveresity And Distribution Of Spider Fauna In Different Ecosystems Of Chikmagalur Parts Of Western Ghats, Karnataka. 0 International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies 2017
7 Nagachaitanya B, Venkateshwarlu M, Simon Bourque, Reshmy Vimaladevi, Santoshkumar Kesavakurup, Dayan Characterization of two novel antimicrobial peptides from the cuticular extracts of the ant Trichomyrmex criniceps (Mayr), (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). 1.53 Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology. 2017
8 4. Prashanthakumara S.M and Venkateshwarlu M Zooplankton diversity in relation to physicochemical parameters of perennial pond 0 International Journal of Fundamentaland Applied Sciences 2016
9 5. Prashanthakumara S.M. and M. Venkateshwarlu. Influence of Selected Substrates on the Growth of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) 0 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.35 A (Zoology) 2016
10 Prashanthakumara S.M., B.S. Nijagal and M. Venkateshwarlu Study on Diversity of Spider Fauna in Jnana Sahyadri campus, Shimoga, Karnataka 0 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences vol. 34 A (Zoology) 2015
11 Arun Kumar Shetty, M. Venkateshwarlu and Murgan Muralidharan Effect of water quality on the composition of fish communities in three coastal rivers of Karnataka, India 0 Int. J. of Aqa. Bio. 2015
12 K.P. Renuka, M. Venkateshwarlu and A.T. Ramachandra Naik Effect of Probiotic (Lactobacillus acidophilus) on Hametological parameters of Catla Catla (Hamilton) 0 Int. J. of Cur. Micro. And App. Sci 2015
13 Arun Kumar Shetty. B and M. Venkateshwarlu New report of the species, Hyporhamphus xanthopterus (Val.) in Udupi District of Karnataka, India. 0 Int. J. of Pharmacetical and Biol. Arch 2014
14 Kiran, B.R., M. Venkateshwarlu and K. Shankar Murthy Fisheries Development in India. An Overview. 0 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development. 2014
15 Venkateshwarlu, M. Arun Kumar Shetty. B and B.R.Kiran Conservation status of fish diversity of rivers - Sita, Swarna and Varahi in Udupi district, Western Ghats, Karnataka, India. 0 Int. J. of advanced scientific and technical research 2014
16 Renuka, K.P and M. Venkateshwarlu, A.T. Ramachandra Naik and Prashanthkumara S.M. Influence of Probiotics on growth performance and digestive enzyme activity of common carp (Cyprinus carpio). 3.52 Int. J. of current. Res. 2013
17 Kiran, B. R., K. Shankar Murthy and M. Venkateshwarlu. Induced breeding of Indian major, minor and cyprinid in India on overview India 3.11 J. of International Academic Research of Multidisciplinary 2013
18 M. Venkateshwarlu, B. Arun Kumar Shetty and Kiran, B.R. Endemic status of Freshwater fish diversity in rivers Sita, Swarna and Varahi of Udupi District, Western Ghats, Karnataka, India. 6.86 Int. J. of Recent Scientific Research 2013
19 M. Venkateshwarlu and B. Arun Kumar Shetty Range Extension of the species, Horabagrus brachysoma in Udupi District of Karnataka, India. 3.11 J. of international academic research of multidisciplinary. 2013
20 Kiran, B. R., K. Shankar Murthy and M. Venkateshwarlu. A Review on Toxicity of pesticides in Fishes. 3.11 Int. J. of Open Scientific Research 2013
21 Kiran, B.R., K. Shankar Murthy and M. Venkateshwarlu. A review on induced breeding of cat fishes murrels and climbing perches in India. 3.52 Advances in Applied science research 2013
22 Shahnawaz, A, M. Muralidharan M. Venkateshwarlu and Muthukumarasamy Arunachalam. Distribution pattern, endemism, threat status and conservation measures of freshwater fishes in the Tunga and Bhadra rivers of Western Ghats of India. 1.25 Environmental Biology of Fishes. 2013
23 Krishnappa, G.R. M. Venkateshwarlu and Kiran, B.R. Chromosomal aberration, micronucleus and sperm morphology in Limnonectes keralensis due to carbaryl. 3.52 Int. J. current. Research. 2013
24 Prabhakara, M.S., M. Venkateshwarlu, M. K. Nagamani and Jayalakshmi Nagamani Hegde. Impact of Extention Activities on the Promotion of use of Biocontrol Products by the farmers of Doddaballapura Taluk of Bangalore Rural District 5.01 Int. J. Agri. Sci. 2011
25 Poornima, K Vasudevan, K.I and M. Venkateshwarlu Evaluation of heavy metals in textile effluents in relation to soil and pond water 0 Elecronic. J. of Env. Science 2011
26 Poornima, K., M. Venkateshwarlu and K. Vasudev Haemotological and physiological response to sublethal concentrations textiles mill effluents ln a fresh water Teleost Oreochromis mosambica (peters) 2.93 J. of Envs. Sci. 2011
27 Poornima, K. and M. Venkateshwarlu Effect of textile effluents on stress related changes in Biochemical response of fresh water fish Oreochromis mosambica 0 Env & Ecol. 2011
28 M. Venkateshwarlu, A. Shahnawaz and K. Honneshappa. A study on plankton dynamics of two wetland systems in Shimoga District, Karnataka (INDIA). 0 Current biotica 2011
29 Shahnawaz, A., M. Venkateshwarlu, K.Honneshappa, Aabid Khaliq Tantray Fish diversity of Sogane and Santhekadur tanks, Shimoga, Karnataka, India. 0 Current Biotica. 2011
30 Prabhakara, M.S., M. Venkateshwarlu, and Jayalakshmi Nagamani Hegde. Evaluation of integrated pest management Practices in Cabbage in the Farmers Fields. 5.01 Int. J. Agri. Sci. 2011
31 Venkateshwarlu, M., Shivanagouda N. Sanagoudra and Saima Syed Influence of Carbyryl on the carbohydrate levels in the Tissues of common carp, Cyprinus Carpio 0.79 Toxicology and Environmental Chmistry 2010
32 Shahnawaz, A. and M. Venkateshwarlu. A study of heavy metal analysis and its effects on bio-chemistry of fresh water fish Cyprinus carpio (Common carp) Bhadra River, Karnataka. 0 Current biotica 2010
33 Shahnawaz, A., M. Venkateshwarlu, D.S. Somashekhar and K. Santosh. Fish diversity with relation to water quality of Bhadra river of Western Ghats (India) 1.6 Environ Monit Assess 2010
34 Shahnawaz, A. and M. Venkateshwarlu. A check list of fishes from Tunga and Bhadra rivers, Karnataka, India with special note on their biodiversity status. 0 Current biotica 2009
35 Venkateshwarlu M, K. Honneshappa, A. Shanwaz. And N Cinchana Fish diversity of Sogane and Santhekadur tanks Shimoga, Karnataka 2.93 J. Env. Sci. 2009
36 Venkateshwarlu M. A. Shanwaz. and K. Honneshappa A study on plankton dynamics of two wetland systems in Shimoga District Karnataka, India. 0 Caspian. J. Env. Sci. 2009
37 Venkateshwarlu. M., N. Saiqa., R. Ashok and A. Shahnawaz. A Study on Ectoparasites of Cattle and Buffaloes in Bhadra Reserve Project, Karnataka, India. 0 Journal of Insect Environment 2008
38 Hegde, S. N, Sharat, C. Y, and M. Venkateshwarlu Relationship between mating success and wing length in a Drosophilid: Phorticella striata 0.23 Korean J. Genetic 2008
39 Venkateshwarlu, M., D.S. Somashekar, Jothi srigowri and Ashashree Length-weight relation ship and condition factor of fresh water catfish Mystus cavasius from Bhadra reservoir, Karnataka 0 J. of Environ and Ecol 2007
40 Krishnappa. G. R. and Venkateshwarlu M Genotoxic effects of carbaryl on Indian cricket frog Limnonectes limnocharis of Western Ghats 0 The Bioscan 2007
41 M. Venkateshwarlu, D.S. Somashekar, Shahnawaz Ahmad, Jothi Srigowri and H. S. Priyadarshini. The effect of Carbofuran on haematological indices in comman carp." (Cyprinus carpio L) 0 Kuvmpu. University Science Journal 2007
42 Venkateshwarlu, M. Jothi Srigowri and Ashashree. H. M. Diversity of fish fauna in Keladi pond, Sagara, Karnataka, India. 0 Goa University journal 2007
43 Sarat Chandra, Y., S .N. Hegde, M. Venkateshwarlu and M. S. Krishna Phenotypic Plasticity of Sexual Behavior at Different Temperatures in a Drosophilidae: Phorticella striata. 0.23 Korean J. Genetics 2006
44 Venkateshwarlu. M. and M. Shanmugam. Effect of Endosulfan on Oxygen consumption and succinate and lactate dehydrognenase activities in Freshwater crab Barytelephusa cunicularis 0.24 Biologia 2005
45 Venkateshwarlu. M. and M. Shanmugam. Alterations in the amino acid and protein levels in the tissue of the Barytelphuasa Cunicularis (Westwood) due to endosulfan stress. 0.19 Indian J. Ecol. 2005
46 Venkateshwarlu, M., M. Shanmugam and D.S. Somashekar Changes in tissue Carbohydrate and lipid levels in the fresh water crab Barytelphuasa cunicularis on Endosulfan stress. 0.063 Pesticide Research Journal, 2005
47 Prabakara, M.S. M. Venkateshwarlu., M. K. Nagamani and Jasyalakshmi Narayan Hegde Impact of extentive activities on the promotion of use of biocontrol products by the farmers of Doddaballapura Taluk of Bangalore Rural District 0 Ind. J. Agri. Sci. 2005
48 Venkateshwarlu, M. and Somashekar, D.S. Icthyophona of Jannapura pond Bhadravati, Karnataka. 0 Zoos Print 2005
49 Venkateshwarlu. M. M. Shanmugham and N.V. Cinchana. Biodiversity of Fish Fauna of Mudugodu Tank, Rangenahalli. 0 Envi & Eco 2003
50 Somashekar, D.S. M. Venkateshwarlu, M. Shanmugam and B.L. Rangaswamy. Growth response of common crop, Cyprinus corpio fry (L) to aquatic weed incorporated diets. 0.235 Indian J. Fish. 2003
51 Venkateshwarlu M., M. Shanmugham and Mallikarjun. H. R. The Fish Fauna of Bhadra Reservoir, Western Ghats, . 0 J. Aqua. BioI 2002
52 Venkateshwarlu. M. Occupational Risks Associated with Working conditions of VISL Factory, Bhadravathi, Shimoga District- a Survey. 0 Kuvempu Uni. Sci. Journal 2002
53 Venkateshwarlu, M., Sharat, C. Y., Manjunatha, Bharathi and Latha. Environmental impact of an integrated iron and steel factory. 0.515 IJEP 2000
54 Shanmugham, M., M. Venkateshwarlu and A. Naveed Effect of Pesticides on the freshwater crab Barytelephusa cunicularis (West Wood) 0 J. Ecotoxical Environ. Monit. 2000
55 Venkateshwarlu M. and A. Sunitha. Neuroendocrine regulation of tissue amylase activity in the Barytelephusa querine. 0 Bionotes 1999
56 Sunitha A. and M. Venkateshwarlu. Neuroendocrine control of tissue AChE and ACh levels in the freshwater crab Barytelephusa guerini (Milne Edwards), 0 Ecol. Env. & Cons. 1998
57 Venkateshwarlu, M and A. Sunita. Changes in the Phosphorylase enzyme activity levels in the tissues of the Barytelphusa Guerini (Milne Edwards) due to monocrotophos stress. 0 Uttar Pradesh j. Zool. 1996
58 Venkateshwarlu, M and A. Sunita. Impact of monocrotophos on tissue carbohydrates of the freshwater crab "Barytelphusa Guerini" (Milne Edwards). 0 Ind. J. of Camp. Anim Physiol, 1995
59 Venkateshwarlu M. and S.A.T. Venkatachari Oxygen consumption in freshwater crab, Barytelephusa guerini (Milne Edwards) in relation to moncrotophos toxicity 0 Geobios. 1995


Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 B.B. Hosetti; M. Venkateshwarlu Trends in Wildlife Biodiversity Cnservation and Management Vol. I & II. Daya Publishing House, New Delhi, 2001

Book Chapters

Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 M. Venkateshwarlu and Prashanthakumara S.M Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Some Ponds in and Around Shimoga, Karnataka. Book title: Biodiversity - Concept and Conservation Avishkar Publishers, Jaipur. 2016
2 Shahnawaz, A and M. Venkateshwarlu. Habitat ecology of the Cyprinid fishes in relation to environmental factors of Tunga and Bhadra rivers, Western Ghats, Karnataka. Book title: Applied Ecology. Narendra Publishing House, Delhi. 2011
3 Venkateshwarlu, M., and Somashekhar D. S Bio-energetics of plankton as fish food planktons of India Daya Publishing House, Delhi 2009
4 Reddy L., Ravi, S. Basavarajapa and M. Venkateshwarlu. Studies on seasonal and perennial ponds and their composition at the Basin of Sahyadri hills of Karnataka, India. Book title: "Perspective in Animal Ecology and reproduction", Vol (5) Daya Publishing House, New Delhi 2008
5 Shahnawaz. A and M. Venkateswarlu. Freshwater Fish Diversity of Tunga and Bhadra rivers, Western Ghats, Karnataka. Book title: "Advances in fish and wildlife Ecology & Biology" Daya publishing House. New Delhi 2008
6 Venkateshwarlu, M., D.S. Somashekar, Shahnawaz. A and Manjappa. Bioenergetics of plankton as fish feed. Book title: "Plankton dynamics of India" ADB publishes, Jaipur 2007
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10 Venkateshwarlu, M. Wildlife Management in Karnataka. An appraisal. Book title: Trends in Wildlife Biodiversity, conservation and Management Daya Publishing House, New Delhi 2001
11 Venkateshwarlu, M. and D.C. Savita Dooming Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary, Book title: Trends in Wildlife Biodiversity conservation & Management,. Daya Publishing House Delhi 2001


Sl No Authors Title Organizer Year
1 Venkateshwarlu, M. and Somashekar, D.S. Icthyophona of Thunga Reservoir Shimoga. Biodiversity and its conservation 2005
2 Venkateshwarlu M. and G.U. Mallikarjun. Impact of pesticide on oxygen consumption and mortality of a fish, Labeo rohita (Ham) SDM Engg. College, Dharwad 1997
3 Venkatachari, S.A.T., M. Venkateshwarlu and M.G. Hussain. Toxicity of monocrotophos pesticides to the fresh water crab, Barytelephusa guerini (Milne Edwards). University of Jammu 1987


Sl.No Authors Title Publisher Year
Sl No Title Funding Agency Co-Investigator Amount Status
1 Studies on Fish Habitat and Diversity of Tunga and Bhadra River Systems of Western Ghats, Karnataka UGC nil 634556 Compleated
Sl No Investigator Name Title Year
Sl No Name Title Research Degree
1 Naga Chaitanya B. 4341 2967 6335 Isolation, Purification and Molecular Characterization of Antimicrobial peptides From ants of The Genus Monomorium (Formicidae Hymenoptera)" Ph.D.
2 Jnaneshwari S Joshi 5816 9248 3897 Studies on Biodiversity of Spiders of Dakshina Kannada Ph.D.
3 Prashantha Kumara S.M 387138030036 "Spider Diversity in Semimalnad Region, Western Ghats, Karnataka, India" Ph.D.
4 Shantha A. R 8682 7212 6718 Comparative Study on Ichthyofaunal Diversity in Linganamakki and Tunga Reservoirs Ph.D.
5 Sathish P.M 953225898797 Neuratoxicity and Safety Assessment of Momordica Dica Charantia (LINN.) Fruit During Pregnancy in Wistar Rats" Ph.D.
6 Shivaraju 828314747936 Ecology and Icthyofaunal Diversity of Bheemasandra and Mydala Lakes of Tumkur Ph.D.
Sl No Name Title of Thesis Research Degree Year Address EmailId
1 Saratchandra, Y Some contribution to the behavior genetics of a Drosophiladae Phorticella striata. Ph.D. 2002 Assistance Professor, Nagaland University (Central), India yschandrays@rediffmail.com
2 Jothi Shrigowri Studies on physiology and ovarian cycle in the freshwater fish Mystus cavasius (Ham) of Bhadra reservoir of Western Ghats. Ph.D. 2008 Principal, S.V. Independent PU College, Vijayanagar, Haveri srigowrimpm@gmail.com
3 Krishnappa, G.R Cytogenotoxic studies of two carbamate pesticides on two species of limnonectes group of amphibians. Ph.D. 2008 Research Training Assistance in Zoology, Distance Education, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta-577451 krishnappa100@gmail.com
4 Ashashree. H.M Studies on physiology and testicular cycle in the freshwater fish Mystus cavasius (Ham) of Bhadra reservoir of Western Ghats. Ph.D. 2008 Assistance Professor, department of Zoology, Sahyadri Science College, Shivamogga. ashashree2013@gmail.com
5 Somashekhar, D. S Studies on the biology and production of fish Aorichthys oar (Ham) of Bhadra reservoir Ph.D. 2009 Assistance Professor, Department of Zoology, IDSG first Grade Govt. College, Chikkamagalore-577101 somashekar75@rediffmail.com
6 Shahnawaz Ahmad, A. Diversity and ecology of fishes of Tunga and Bhadra rivers, Western Ghats, Karnataka. Ph.D. 2009 Guest Faculty, Department of Studies and Research in Zoology, Tumkur University, Tumakuru snahmad78@gmail.com
7 Arun Kumar Shetty Icthyofaunal diversity along different gradients of rivers Sita, Swarna and Varahi of Western Ghats, Karnataka. Ph.D. 2014 Lecturer, Govt. PU College, Hosangadi, Kundapura Taluk, Udupi Dst. arun_beloor@yahoo.co.in
8 Poornima, K Studies on the impact of textile effluents on freshwater fish Oreochromis mossambicus. Ph.D. 2014 Lecture in Biology, Govt. PU College, Udupi poornimagk07@yahoo.com
9 Renuka, K. P Evaluation of probiotics on growth, survival and disease resistance of carps. Ph.D. 2015 D/o Parushuramappa, Parushurama Nilaya, 4th Cross, Ashok Nagar, Shivamogga-577201 renu.kp27@gmail.com
10 Prabhakara. M.S. Studies on constraints in the adoption of IPM practices in selected vegetable crops with a view to evolve an acceptable Ph.D. 2013 PCI Pest control Ltd. Bangalore mspmuttuvalli@gmail.com
11 Shanmugam, M. Impact of pesticide on reproductive physiology of freshwater edible crab Barytelphusa cunicularis (Westwood). Ph.D. 2002 Assistant Regional Director, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Bangalore regional Center, Bangalore. ---------@gmail.com
12 Somashekar, D.S. Influence of aquatic weed based feed on the growth of common carp fry Cyprinus carpio M.Phil 2001 Assistance Professor, Department of Zoology, IDSG first Grade Govt. College, Chikkamagalore-577101 somashekar75@rediffmail.com
13 Mamatha Influence of carbaryl on physiology and behavior of Cyprinus carpio. M.Phil 2008 Guest faculty, IDSG Govt. First Grade College, Chikkamagalore ---------@gmail.com
14 Honneshappa. K. Study on Fish Diversity and Ecology of Sogane and Santhekadur Tanks of Shimoga District, Karnataka M.Phil 2008 . ---------@gmail.com
15 Vani. B. M Fish Diversity and Feeding Habits of Yagachi - tributary of Hemavathi river, Chikmanglore, karnataka M.Phil 2009 . ---------@gmail.com
16 Mruthunjaya. N.B Studies on Fish diversity, Biomass and water Quality of Ayyanakari Tank M.Phil 2009 Lecturer in Biology, Govt. PU College, Chowlihiriyur, Kadur Taluk, Chikkamagalore Dst. mruthyunjayactg@gmail.com
17 Cinchana.N.V Studies on Alergic response of drug on Albino Mice. M.Phil 2010 . ---------@gmail.com
18 Saima Syed Studies on the influence of water pollution on the physiology of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) M.Phil 2010 . ---------@gmail.com