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Bachelor of ARTS (B.A.)

Combinations: A candidate can opt for any one of the following combinations with two languages (Language I, Language II)*

S.N. Combinations Short Form Subject Code
1. Economics, Sociology, Political Science [EnSooPs] [UGA01]
2. English, History, Political Science [EnHiPs] [UGA02]
3. History, Economics, English [HiEcEn] [UGA03]
4. History, Economics, Kannada (Opt) [HiEcKn] [UGA04]
5. History, Economics, Sociology [HiEcSo] [UGA05]
6. History, Economics, Political Science [HiEcPs] [UGA06]
7. History, Kannada (Opt), Education [HiKnEd] [UGA07]
8. History, Sociology, Kannada [HiSoKn] [UGA08]
9. History, Political Science, Sociology [HiPsSo] [UGA09]
10. History, Sociology, Education [HiSoEd] [UGA10]
11. Hindi, Education, Sociology [HnEdSo] [UGA11]
12. Kannada, Economics, Political Science [KnEcPs] [UGA12]
13. Kannada, Sociology, Political Science [KnSoPs] [UGA13]
14. Urdu, Sociology, Education [UrSoEd] [UGA14]
Language papers:

Candidate should opt for two languages of which one should be English out of the following: 1. Kannada, 2. English, 3. Hindi, 4. Urdu, 5. Sanskrit.

Note: Combinations 15 to 18 (Basavatatva optional) are offered to the students of Basavatatva Mahavidyalaya, Sri Murugha mutt, Chitradurga.

Important Note for B.A. Students

1. The candidates will have to study three optional pepers and two languages for I and II degree. There shall be only optional papers at the final year (details are provided with they syllabus).
2. Combination opted at the time of admission will not be changed later.

Course Co-ordinator Sri Avinash T
Phone 9448628511


Paper CodePaper Title
Optional Papers
50121 History
50122 Economics
50123 Political Science
50124 Sociology
50125 Education
50126 Kannada
50127 English
50128 Hindi
50129 Urdu
Language-1 Papers
50101 Kannada
50102 Sanskrit
50103 Hindi
50107 Urdu
Language-2 Papers
50108 English
Mandatory Paper
90102 Environmental Science