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Department of PG Studies and Research in Applied Botany

The department of post Graduate Studies and research in Applied Botany was founded on 20th December1993. The department was established to study the bounteous availability of natural resources, particularly, forest resources, as well as agricultural and industrial systems in the malnad region of Karnataka. This department has initiated two years Distance Education learning programme in M, Sc. Botany since 2004. It is also running a one-year programme of Post Graduate Diploma course in Medicinal Plants from 2004. During 2005-06 Kuvempu University for first time in the state introduced Choice Based Credit system for two years Master Degree Course in Applied Botany. The staff members of the department have received training in various fields of research in the national and International Institutions and received awards and prizes. They have been working in different aspects of botanical science and publishing research articles in peer reviewed journals having high Citation Index.

The department of Applied Botany is housed in the magnificent Bioscience Block. The department has basic facilities and is supporting the research activities. The department is collaborating with University of Agriculture Science, Bangalore, Central coffee Research Station, Balehonnur and Forestry College, Sirsi


Programms Offered

Sl No Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
1 M.Sc., CBCS - Semester Scheme (4 Semesters) B.Sc. Degree with Botanical Sciences. 24+8
2 M.Phil., (Non semester) M.Sc., Degree with Biological Sciences 10
3 Ph.D Three Years Minimum M.Sc., Degree with Biological Sciences.


Prof. Shivanna M. B.

Year of Establishment



Department of PG Studies & Research in Applied Botany
Kuvempu University
Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta-577451
Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State, INDIA

Teaching Faculty of Applied Botany in Kuvempu University

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    Prof. Krishnappa M Professor

    Area of Specialisation: Mycology, Plant pathology and Bryology.

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    Prof. Shivanna M. B. Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., M. Phil. (Seed Pathol.), Ph.D. (A. Bot.), Ph.D.(Agri.),,
    Area of Specialisation: PLant Bio-technology Medicinal plants, Ethnobotany,Plant Disease control.

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    Dr. Krishnamurthy Y L Professor

    Area of Specialisation: Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity, Lichenology, Fungal Endophytes, Molecular Biology

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    Prof. Raja Naika Professor

    Qualification:M,Sc.,Mphil.,Ph.D ,
    Area of Specialisation: Aquatic fungi, Environmental Microbiology, Mycology, Phytochemistry

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    Dr. H C Shrishail Deputy Registrar (Academic)

    Qualification:M.Sc. M.Ed. Ph.D.,
    Area of Specialisation: Plant Systematics, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Medicinal plants, Ethnobotany and Biodiversity.

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    Mr. SATHISHA A M Please Provide Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:Please Provide,
    Area of Specialisation: Please Provide

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    Mr. NAGARAJA O Please Provide Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:Please Provide,
    Area of Specialisation: Please Provide

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    Ms. Sarala p Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:Please Provide,
    Area of Specialisation: Please Provide

Research Project of Applied Botany in Kuvempu University

Sl No Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
1 Diversity of Macrofungi in Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary - Karnataka UGC Prof. Krishnappa M Nil 923554 Compleated
2 Macrofungal assemblages in Kodagu and Hassan districts of Western Ghats India Climate change impacts, diversity, phenology, ecology and their implications in a conservation perspective DST-SERB Prof. Krishnappa M Nil 1200000 Compleated
3 Taxonomy and molecular characterization of Macrofungal Communities in Chikmagalur and Shimoga District of Western Ghats India DST-SERB Prof. Krishnappa M Nil 2536000 Ongoing
4 Bioprospecting of Medicinal Plants of Western Ghats, Karnataka (BUILDER Project) DBT- Prof. Krishna V Prof. Krishnappa M 44983600 Ongoing
5 Investigation on Bacterial Canker of Tomato in Karnataka DST Prof. M. Krishnappa Prof. Y L Krishnamurthy 1394400 Completed
6 Biodiversity of Mosses in Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary, Karnatak UGC Prof. M Krishnappa Prof. Y L Krishnamurthy 560000 Completed
7 Study on floral diversity of Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary, Karnataka MoEF Prof. Y L Krishnamurthy Prof. Krishnappa M 900000 Completed
1 Diseases of certain medicinal herbs in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Karnataka DST, New Delhi, M B Shivanna - 1293000 Completed
2 A study on macro lichen flora of Chikmagalur and Shimoga Districts of Karnataka UGC, New Delhi, - M B Shivanna 421600 Completed
1 A study on ecology of herbaceous plant communities in montane grasslands of Kemmannugundi and Bababudengiri areas of Karnataka UGC, Govt of India Y L Krishnamurthy H. N.Ramesh Babu 9 Completed
2 Diversity and molecular phylogeny of follicolous Lichens of Western Ghats ,India DST, Govt. of India Y L Krishnamurthy H N Ramesh Babu 36 Completed
3 A study on ecology of herbaceous plant communities in montane grasslands of Kemmannugundi and Bababudengiri areas of Karnataka UGC, Govt of India Y L Krishnamurthy H N Ramesh Babu 9 Completed
4 Studies on macrolichen diversity of Chikmagulur and Shimoga district, Karnataka UGC, Govt of India Y L Krishnamurthy None 5 Completed
5 Floristic diversity of Bhadra Wild life Sanctuary,Karnataka MoEF, Govt. of India Y L Krishnamurthy None 6 Completed
1 Studies on aquatic fungi of Tunga river and their significance of organic substances of plant origin UGC, New Delhi Dr. RAJA NAIKA Professor Department of Applied Bot nil 522300 Completed
2 Mushroom Biotechnology- Intervention for socio economic upliftment of SC ST farmers of malnad region of Karnataka DBT, New Delhi Dr. RAJA NAIKA Professor Department of Applied Bot Dr. V. Krishna and Dr N. B. Thippeswamy 1426150 Completed
3 Study on phytochemical and antimicrobial properties of wild mushrooms of Western Ghat region of Karnataka UGC, New Delhi Dr. RAJA NAIKA Professor Department of Applied Bot nil 869800 Completed
4 Screening Characterization and Utilization of Keratinophilic Fungi and their enzymes in recycling Poultry Waste DST, New Delhi Dr. RAJA NAIKA Professor Department of Applied Bot nil 1200000 Completed
5 Nutritional, Nutraceutical and Cytotoxic Studies on Unexplored and Underutilized Wild Mushrooms of Western Ghats, Karnataka DST, New Delhi Dr. RAJA NAIKA Professor Department of Applied Bot nil 2195000 On going
1 Principal Investigator-Nil -Nil- -Nil- 0 nil
1 Investigation of anticancerous compound s Plumbago zeylanica Linn Grown in western Ghats, Karnataka research project funding for start up scheme / incubation center H.C Shrishail H.C. Shrishail 200000 On going
Sl No Faculty Name of the Supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
1 Science Dr. Krishnamurthy Y L Srinivas S G, 760945551622 Full Time 127 2014-03-15 Studies on Diversity and Molecular Phylogeny of Litsea spp. in Western Ghats of Karnataka 2018-03-15 YES DST- Inspire
2 Science Prof. Shivanna M. B. Vasudha Udupa A 855000472659 Full Time 202 2015-01-01 "Influence of non-edible oil-seed cakes on plant growth and soil borne diseases" 2019-01-01 YES DST inspired fellowship
3 Science Prof. Krishnappa M Nandan Patel K J/ 909419235699 Full Time 268 2015-01-09 Diversity and Bioprospecting of Xylariales in Shivamogga, Karnataka. 2018-01-31 YES DBT
4 Science Prof. Krishnappa M Veerabhadraiah H R/ 988959823957 Full Time 281 2015-11-27 Microbial diversity of fungal Endophytic medicinal plants of Shivamogga forest region, Karnataka. 2018-12-31 YES SC-ST Cell
5 Science Prof. Krishnappa M Manjunath B/ 377620686671 Full Time 285 2015-11-27 Morphological and molecular variability of Rice blast pathogen(Pyriculariaoryzae) in different zone of Karnataka. 2019-12-31 NO -
6 Science Prof. Krishnappa M Gourish Krishna Chitrapur/ 949872824265 Full Time 303 2016-03-30 Macrofungal Diversity in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka. 2019-03-31 YES DST
7 Science Dr. Krishnamurthy Y L Adithya Rao G S, 959892236328 Full Time 305 2016-03-30 Taxonomic studies on the Flowering Plants of Shivamogga District - The Present Status 2019-03-30 NO No
8 Science Prof. Shivanna M. B. Nischitha R 974393650996 Full Time 306 2016-03-30 "Endophytic Fungal Assemblages In Certain Grasses Of Sub-Family Panicoideae And Their Bioprospecting" 2020-03-30 YES National Fellowship For scheduled Caste (NFSC)
9 Science Prof. Shivanna M. B. Gagana Suryavamshi L 678790313982 Full Time 307 2016-03-30 Endophytic Fungal Species in Memecylon umbellatum, Burm. f. and Schleichera oleosa (Lour.) Merr. Western Ghats, region of Karnataka, India 2020-03-30 YES State OBC Fellowship
10 Science Dr. Krishnamurthy Y L Yogeesh Naik H S, 865975069600 Full Time 309 2016-03-30 Taxonomic studies on the Grasses and Sedges of Shivamogga District 2019-03-30 YES Kuvempu University SC/ST Cell Fellowship
11 Science Prof. Krishnappa M Reena Roy D/ 229387219457 Full Time 314 2016-03-30 Bioprospecting of few macrofungi of Sahyadri hills in Karnataka. 2019-03-31 NO -
12 Science Dr. H C Shrishail YOGASHREE G D ADHAAR NO: 4644 3315 7057 Full Time 611 2019-03-27 Studies on Phytochemicals and Pharmacological Evaluation of Parkia biglandulosa (wight and Arn.) 2022-08-31 YES OBC FELLOWSHIP
14 Science Dr. H C Shrishail Madhura S 623158715080 Full Time 613 2019-03-27 Studies on Active Ingredients and Pharmacological Activities of Zanonia indica L. 2022-03-31 NO NO
15 Science Prof. Krishnappa M Jayashree K Kodiyalmath/ 377007342845 Full Time 72 2014-03-28 Bioprospecting of selected Macrofungi in taluks of Shimoga district. 2017-12-31 YES State-OBC
16 Science Prof. Raja Naika Narayana swamy M (880136066443) Part Time AB: 126 2014-01-28 Genetic diversity, nutritional and biopesticidal properties of Momordica dioica/Momordica sahyadrica of Western Ghats of Karnataka 2018-01-28 NO nil
17 Science Prof. Raja Naika Ashwathanarayana R (963059717450) Full Time AB:124 2014-03-15 Studies on the Phytochemical, Antimicrobial and Pharmacological properties of Pavetta crassicaulis Bremek. and Olea dioica Roxb. from the Western Ghats regions of Karnataka 2018-01-01 NO nil
18 Science Prof. Raja Naika Nataraja TH (321129865855) Part Time AB:311 2016-03-30 Effect of bio fertilizer on production of selected land races of paddy in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka State. 2019-03-30 NO nil
19 Science Prof. Raja Naika Shwetha PR (554360579972) Full Time AB:315 2016-03-30 A study on neutraceutical properties of polypore fungi of Western Ghats, Karnataka 2019-03-30 NO nil
20 Science Prof. Raja Naika Ranjini AP (572059499325) Part Time AB:329 2016-03-30 Investigation on stem necrosis and leaf spot diseases of coffee seedlings and its management 2019-03-30 NO nil
21 Science Prof. Raja Naika Pavani P (526147453320) Full Time AB:345 2016-03-30 A study on phytochemical and pharmacological properties of Zanthoxylum ovalifolium Weight. 2019-03-30 NO nil

Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :

Title Level Year Funding Agency
Seminar on  Recent trends in plant diseases and management National March, 2001 UGC, New Delhi
Seminar on New frontiers in plant pathology National Sept. 2006 UGC & ISMPP, Udaipur

Future Expansion / Diversification plant :

01 Center for microbial studies, Cellular and molecular biology
02 Biodiversity conservation strategies
03 Ethnobotonical research

Achievements of the Alumni:

01 Mr. Vijayakumar Salimat- IFS Officer
02 Dr. H. M. Prakasha-Post- Doctoral fellow at Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
03 Mr. K. R. Nagaraj- KAS Officer