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Department of PG Studies and Research in Computer Science

There is growing demand for talented and skilled personnel in Computer Science to meet the present and future needs of the societal and research problems. In this background, Kuvempu University started MCA (Master of Computer Applications) course during 2000. Later in 2002, the Department offered M. Sc. in Computer Science. The M. Sc. in Computer Science is recognized by UGC and MCA is recognized by AICTE. These courses have subjects which are the combination of Pure and Applied Sciences. The students of M. Sc. Computer Science and MCA can take up Research or can become software professionals to meet the Industry need.

The main objective is to prepare the students with good skills, which are essential for software companies, educational institutions and Research. The department possesses good collection of books & good teaching staff. There are four permanent Assistant Professors in the department. The department trains students to fulfill the current needs of software companies and research. The Department has an excellent infrastructure equipped with modern teaching aids like LCD and overhead projectors. It has computer laboratories equipped with 60 Desktop computers with necessary accessories.

Intake for both the courses is fixed to 40 students including the quotas of NCC, NSS, Physically Handicapped, Sports, Hyderabad Karnataka, and merit cum payment. For the academic year 2015-16 the intake of M. Sc. Computer Science is increased to 44 students. The percentage of passing of MCA and M. Sc. courses is excellent with 100% result.

The department invites resource persons from reputed Multinational Companies (MNCs) and Academic Institutions to organize workshops based on emerging software tools & skills. The department conducts seminars, conferences, Workshops, Special Lecture series and Invited talks which provide a platform for industrial professionals, students, researchers and eminent scientists to discuss for mutual benefit.

The faculty members of the department are constantly upgrading their knowledge by attending various seminars, conferences, workshops, refresher courses, orientation courses and training programmes. The department has organized national conference on Advanced Computing and Communications (NCACC 12) during April 2012. Also the department has conducted three national workshops and one national seminar in the last five years.

Along with master degree courses the department also offers Research programme Ph. D. in Computer Science. Ph. D. programme intake is eight students for each guide. At present, the department is actively engaged in research in the areas of digital image processing, pattern recognition and data mining. The department has awarded more than 15 Ph. D. degrees in the last five years and the department has a publication of about 86 research articles in reputed national and international peer reviewed journals.

The students of the department are well placed in academic, administrative and software industries. Few became entrepreneurs in the field of IT. The alumni of the department are active. Many of the graduated students visit the department very often and a platform is being provided to guide and share their experience with the students of the department.



“To Provide Quality and Practical based IT Education and Training”

Mission & Goals

  • Foster creativity in teaching, learning and research to build a practical knowledge
  • Import Quality education and promote scientific temper
  • Promote leadership qualities among students
  • To impart up to date technical education to the students
  • To develop social, moral, aesthetic & ethical value of the students

Programms Offered

Sl No Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
1 M.C.A (Master of Computer Applications) CBCS - Semester Scheme Six Semesters Any Bachelors degree with Mathematics/ Business Mathematics in one of the subject at P.U.C. level. 45
2 M.Sc., Computer Science CBCS - Semester Scheme Four Semesters Computer Science/Information Science /Information Technology B.E Computer Science /Electronics/ Information Technology 42
3 Ph. D Minimum 3.5 Year MSc.(CS), MCA


  • To Strengthen the interaction between the department, IT Industry and Research Institutions
  • Organize Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Training and Bridge courses to upgrade skills
  • Strengthen Institution – Society relationships by conducting Computer training programs (IT based) for school teachers and school children, farmers, Gram-Panchayat and Taluk- Panchayat members
  • To get research projects from various funding agencies like UGC, NRB, DST, AICTE and other agencies
  • To establish separate Research Laboratories to handle real time projects
  • Invite reputed IT Companies to conduct Campus Interviews regularly
  • MOU with industries


  • Dr. Prabhkar C. J. : Visited Juan-Les-Pins, France to present a research paper in International Conference on Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (ACIVS-08), during October 2008.
  • Dr. Ravikumar M.: Visited GICAP Research Group University, Burgos, Spain to present paper entitled “Analysis and Automation of Handwritten Word Level Script Identification” in Eighth International conference on CISIS 15, during June 2015.
  • Dr. Suresha M.: Visited N&N Global Technology for Computer and Information Services, Dubai, UAE to present paper entitled “Symbolic Representation of Texture Features for Identification of Disease in Arecanut” in International conference on Communication, Information Technology, and Robotics 2015, during August 2015.


  • Three well equipped and digitalized lecture halls with smart boards
  • One Seminar Hall with smart board
  • Three Computer Laboratories and One Research Lab
  • Department Library
  • All Computers are connected to NKN Internet through Campus Network with 1 GBPS
  • Three LCD Projectors, three Printers and two Scanners
  • 04 UPS with 05 KVA capacity
  • One Copier Machine


  • 57 Computers in the MCA and M. Sc. (CS) Lab with the following configuration: DELL Intel i7 - 6700 CPU 3GHz Speed, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVD R/W
  • HP Tower server with core i5 processor, 2 GB RAM and 1TB Hard Disk
  • Two water proof Canon cameras
  • Eight well configured Computers in the Research Lab
  • Six Dell laptops are provided for the teachers


Dr. M. Ravikumar

Year of Establishment



Department of PG Studies & Research in Computer Science
Kuvempu University
Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta-577451
Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State, INDIA

Teaching Faculty of Computer Science in Kuvempu University

  • image description
    Dr. Prabhakar C.J. Associate Professor

    Qualification:M.Tech., Ph.D.,,
    Area of Specialisation: Pattern Recognition, Computer and Machine Vision, Image and Video processing

  • image description
    Dr. M. Ravikumar Associate Professor

    Qualification:B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.,,
    Area of Specialisation: Document Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.

  • image description

    Qualification:B.E, M.S, M.Phil, Ph.D,
    Area of Specialisation: Software Engineering, Soft computing, Image Processing, Computer Cognition

  • image description
    Dr. Suresha M. Assistant Professor

    Qualification:M.C.A., Ph.D.,
    Area of Specialisation: Digital Image Processing,Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

  • image description
    Ms. Divya Rani R Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation: Algorithms

  • image description
    Ms. Rabiya Basree Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation: Programming PHP and Python

  • image description
    Mr. Sandeep Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

  • image description
    MS. NAMITHA R SHETTY Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

  • image description
    MS. ANANYA N.S Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

  • image description
    MS. SHIVAMURTHY N Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

  • image description
    MS. PRATHIKSHA S.G Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

  • image description
    MS. CHAITHRA R.G Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

  • image description
    MS. Madhusudhan S Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

Research Project of Computer Science in Kuvempu University

Sl No Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
1 Vision based solution for early diagnosis of cancer cells. A case study : Breast cancer UGC -Nil- 38000 Completed
1 Building 3D Models of Underwater Objectss Naval Research Board (NRB), DRDO, New Delhi, India 3000000 Completed
2 Representation of Facial Features Using Symbolic Data with Application to Face Recognition AICTE 660000 Completed
3 A new symbolic Factorial Discriminant Analysis algorithm for Face Recognition under variable lighting UGC 38000 Completed
1 Classification of Arecanut using Image Processing Techniques Kuvempu University Not Applicable 50000 Completedd
Sl No Faculty Name of the Supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
1 Science Dr. Suresha M. Shreekanth K N Full Time 266 2015-05-08 Analysis of Diseases in Paddy Leaves: A Pattern Recognition Approach 2018-05-08 YES Rajiv Gandhi
2 Science Dr. Suresha M. Harisha Naik T Full Time 276 2015-08-11 Analysis of Image Texture using Soft Computing Techniques 2019-08-11 NO -
3 Science Dr. M. Ravikumar OMAR ALI Full Time - 2017-10-27 - 2020-10-27 NO -
4 Science Dr. Suresha M. Amani Ali Ahmed Ali Full Time 000 2017-11-01 An Approach to Estimation of Skew and Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Script 2020-11-01 YES Govt. of Amen
5 Science Dr. Suresha M. Chandrashekhara H Full Time 267 2015-05-08 A Machine Learning Approach for Classification of Arecanut 2018-05-08 NO -
6 Science Dr. Suresha M. Madhusudhan S Full Time 319 2016-06-11 Reconstruction and Recognition of Objects in Digital Images with Reflections 2019-06-11 YES Kuvempu University
7 Science Dr. Suresha M. Sandeep Full Time 320 2016-06-11 Recognition of Salient Objects in Digital Images using Neural Networks 2019-06-11 YES Vidya Sri Government of Karnataka
8 Science Dr. Prabhakar C.J. Sneha S. Kugunavar Part Time 321 2016-06-11 Development of content based Image retrieval techniques for Medical images. 2020-06-11 NO -
9 Science Dr. Prabhakar C.J. Shruthi S. Part Time 322 2016-06-11 Shape descriptors for development of computer vision applications. 2020-06-11 NO -
10 Science Dr. Suresha M. Kuppa S. Full Time 381 2017-10-27 Deep Learning Approaches for Scenario Based Abnormality Detection in Video Surveillance System 2020-10-27 YES Kuvempu University
11 Science Dr. Suresha M. Raghukumar D. S. Full Time 382 2017-11-01 Design of Effective Methods for Micro Structural Texture Analysis: A Computer Vision Approach 2020-11-01 YES Kuvempu University
12 Science Dr. M. Ravikumar Prashanth M C Full Time 384 2017-10-27 Data Science 2020-10-27 YES -
13 Science Dr. Prabhakar C.J. Vidyasagar S. D. Part Time 385 2017-10-27 Vision based Lane Departure Warning Approach for Advanced Driver Assistance 2021-10-27 NO .
14 Science Dr. Prabhakar C.J. SHRINIVASA S.R Full Time 386 2017-10-27 A Novel Approach for Scene Image Classification 2020-10-27 YES Kuvempu University
15 Science Dr. M. Ravikumar Rachana P G756295082109 Part Time 387 2017-10-27 Medical Image Analysis 2021-10-27 NO -
16 Science Dr. M. Ravikumar Shivakumar G 699997037834 Full Time 388 2017-10-27 Handwritten document analysis 2020-10-27 YES Kuvempu University
17 Science Dr. M. Ravikumar Shivaprasad B J 387649066722 Full Time 389 2017-10-27 Medical Image Analysis 2020-10-27 YES Kuvempu University
18 Science Dr. Prabhakar C.J. DivyaRani R. Part Time 390 2017-10-27 Computer Vision based Techniques for Human Action Recognition 2021-10-27 NO .
19 Science Dr. M. Ravikumar Sampath Kumar S272903857512 Full Time 395 2017-10-27 Handwritten Document Analysis 2020-10-27 YES Kuvempu University
20 Science Dr. Prabhakar C.J. Kiptanui Linus Full Time 415 2017-10-27 Scene Text Recognition in Natural Scene Images 2020-10-27 NO -
21 Science Dr. YOGISH NAIK G R Namitha R Shetty Part Time 624 2020-01-31 Reversible Data Hiding 2024-01-31 NO -
22 Science Dr. YOGISH NAIK G R Kavya T M Part Time 625 2020-01-31 Super Resolution on single images 2024-01-31 NO -
23 Science Dr. YOGISH NAIK G R Amith G K Part Time 626 2020-01-31 Face Recognition 2024-01-31 NO -
24 Science Dr. YOGISH NAIK G R Vidyasagar K B Full Time 627 2020-01-31 Image Compression 2023-01-31 YES Kuvempu University
25 Science Dr. YOGISH NAIK G R Shashidhara B Part Time 636 2020-01-31 - 2024-01-31 NO -

Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :

Title Level Year Funding Agency
Advanced Technologies in Computer Science National 2016 Karnataka Examination Authority
Pattern Classifiers National 2015 UGC
Five days Instructional Workshop on Linear Algebra and its Engineering Applications State 2009 UGC
Five days Instructional Workshop on Linear Algebra and its Engineering Applications State 2009 UGC
Three days workshop on Computer Hardware and Networking Kuvempu University 2006 UGC
Advanced Computing and Communications (NCACC` 12) National 2012 UGC
Geometry, Analysis Mechanics & Computer Applications National 2004 DST,CSIR & UGC
Emerging Trends in Human Machine Interface International 2004 CSIR,DST, and JNNCE, Shimoga
International conference on Geometry, Analysis Mechanics & Computer Applications International 2000 DST,CSIR,NBHM & UGC
Training Programme
Three days training program on Computer Hardware, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Kuvempu University 2000 UGC
Two days training program on Computer concepts, Operating System and Internet Kuvempu University 2009 UGC
Three days workshop on Computer Hardware and its Troubleshooting for Kuvempu University employees Kuvempu University 2008 UGC
10 days training programmes on Microsoft.Net Kuvempu University 2007 UGC
10 days training programmes on Microsoft.Net Kuvempu University 2006 UGC
10 days Bridge course on Data Warehousing and LINUX Kuvempu University 2008 UGC
One day Seminar on Research and Develpoment in Computing Technologies Kuvempu University 2016 UGC

Special talk:

Topic Resource Person Year
Information Retrieval and its Applications Dr.Manjunath S, Samsung Electro Mechanisim in Indian Software Center Banglore 26-11-2016
Image Processing and its Applications Dr.Dinesh S, Samsung Electro Mechanisim in Indian Software Center Banglore 26-11-2016
Analysis of Big Data Prof. Ashok Rao, Former Head, Network Projects Lab, CEDT, IISc, Banglore 2016
Good Researcher Makes Great Teacher Prof. K.S. Chidananda Gowada, Former Vice Chancellor, Kuvempu University 2016
Advanced RDBMS Prof. Suresh, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Mysore, Mysore 2016
Pattern Recognition Dr. S. Manjunath, Assistant Professor, Central University of Kerala, India 2015
ICT and Opportunities for Young Prof. K.S. Chidananda Gowada, Former Vice Chancellor, Kuvempu University 2008
Linux and Networking for Researchers Prof. Manjaiah D. H., Professor, Department of Computer Science, Mangalore University, Mangalore 2010
Ubiquitous Networks Prof. B. P. Vijayakumar, Professor, REVA Institute of Technology, Bangalore 2010
Face Recognition Techniques Prof. Ajit Danti, Professor & Director, JNN College of Engineering, Shimoga 2010
Neural Networks Dr. Nagendraswamy, Associate Professor, University of Mysore
Image Processing Dr. D.S. Guru, Reader, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Mysore
Embedded Software Prof. P.S.Hiremath, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Gulbarga University.
Advanced RDBMS Dr. D.S. Guru, Reader, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Mysore 2009
Web Technologies Prof. Muralidhar, IISc., Bangalore 2009
Linear Algebra for Research Scholars by Prof. Ashok Rao, IISc., Banglaore 2009