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Department of PG Studies and Research in Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry was newly started at the Shankaraghatta main campus during the academic year 2005-06 to fulfill the demand and needs of student community. We offer M.Sc., M. Phil and Ph.D courses in biochemistry. The course content is designed to cover all aspects of Biochemistry and practical orientation for biochemical methods. The exhaustive training in biochemical methods and sound theoretical background is intended to make the student an appropriate candidate to not only take up either teaching or pursuing doctoral research but also competent enough to work in pharmaceutical R&D and diagnostic labs, agricultural research intuitions, and various medical and allied institutions and industries. The department has experienced and dedicated faculty members who are actively involved in various research projects. The department also invites accomplished scientists from various prestigious institutions to deliver special lectures in order to encourage and motivate the students to take up research programme. The students who have successfully completed the course have been working in various capacities in research institutions, biotech industries and universities.

The vision and mission: The vision of the Department with an extensive network of partnerships is to become a leader and center of excellence in education, research, development, and training in basic and applied biochemistry.

Our mission is commitment to programs which will provide each student and researcher a holistic, value based education in a trusting and caring environment. We strive to equip its graduates to keep pace with the changes in technologies and to meet the new challenges. We are committed to provide motivation and excellence in learning leading to independent and highly competent individuals who are responsive to contribute effectively globally.


Programms Offered

Sl No Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
1 M.Sc., CBCS - Semester Scheme (4 Semesters) B.Sc with Chemistry as one of the subject 40
2 M.Phil., One Year Masters Degree in Biochemistry 4+2
3 Ph.D Three Years Minimum Masters Degree in Biochemistry and who qualifies in the pre-Ph. D exam. 10+4


Dr. Shivayogeeswar Neelagund

Year of Establishment



Department of PG Studies & Research in Biochemistry
Kuvempu University
Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta-577451
Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State, INDIA

Teaching Faculty of Biochemistry in Kuvempu University

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    Prof. Rajeshwara Achur Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D,
    Area of Specialisation: Malaria epidemiology, Protein and enzyme biochemistry, Clinical biochemistry, Nanobiotechnology, Cancer Biology.

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    Dr. Sathisha G. J. Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D,
    Area of Specialisation: Structure-Function relationship of plant lectins, Molecular Plant Pathology, Nanobiotechnology

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    Dr. Shivayogeeswar Neelagund Associate Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D, PGDCA and PDF in USA,
    Area of Specialisation: Protein and Enzyme Biochemistry, Silkworm proteins, Nano- Biotechnology, Cyto-toxicity related to infectious diseases.

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    Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Assistant Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D,
    Area of Specialisation: Insect pest management, Egg parasitoid and its host egg interaction, Transcriptome analysis of Trichogramma chilonis Ishii , Phytochemistry, Nanotechnology.

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    Mr. Natesh Kumar Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

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    Dr. Anitha N Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:M.Sc., Phd., K-SET,
    Area of Specialisation: Glycobiology, Cell Biology, Human physiology

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    MR. AVINASH B Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

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    Dr. Raghu HS Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:M.Sc, N.E.T.,Ph.D,

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    Mr. Raghavendra SN Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:M.Sc, M.Phil.,N.E.T,
    Area of Specialisation: synthesis of silver nano particles and their antimicrobial activity

Research Project of Biochemistry in Kuvempu University

Sl No Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
1 Malaria Research Training in South India (Indo-US Collaborative Research Project) NIH (USA) Dr. D. Channe Gowda Dr. A. N. Rajeshwara 15000000 Completed
2 Plasmodium vivax Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation and Drug Resistance in highly endemic Southwestern Karnataka UGC Dr. A.N. Rajeshwara - 894800 Completed
3 Kinetics of immunological memory response induced by scorpion toxin UGC Dr. N. B. Thippeswamy Dr. A. N. Rajeshwara 1073165 Completed
4 DST-FIST(L1) Infrastructure development grant Department of Science and Technology Prof. A.N. Rajeshwara Prof. G.J. Sathisha 11700000 Ongoing
5 Endemicity of P. vivax malaria in Mangalore VGST, Govt. of Karnataka Prof. A.N. Rajeshwara -- 2000000 Ongoing
1 Silk worm fecal matter (Bombyx mori): A novel source of Antibacterial and analgesic Protein. UGC Dr Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund none 612503 completed
2 Instigation of role in antiviral activity of chlorophyll pigment associated with antiviral protein Purified from Silkworm fecal matter against NPV, in vitro. UGC Dr Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund none 38000 completed
3 Synthesis and characterization of Magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticle to enhance the sustainability of some industrially viable hyperthermophilic enzymes by immobilization VGST Dr Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund none 1000000 completed
1 Studies on cell wall degrading enzymes of fungi causing fruit rot (Koleroga) in areca nut - A potential target of disease control UGC, New Delhi, India Dr. G. J. Sathisha NIL 8 Completed
1 Biochemical characterization of insecticide tolerant strains of Trichogramma species from paddy fields Kuvempu University/ UGC-unassigned grant. Dr. NIRANJANA PATHAPPA - 50000 Completed
2 Identification and Biochemical characterization of Organophosphours Pesticide tolerant strains of Trichogramma from paddy fields. UGC-MRP Dr. NIRANJANA PATHAPPA Dr.S.K.JALALI 1438000 Ongoing
3 Development of Dipstick Assay and Nano - Biosensor for the Detection of OP and Carbamate Pesticide in Biomedical Samples Vision Group on Science and Technology. Gov. Of Karnataka(VGST /CESEM-2016-17/GRD-528/2017-18/115/291 Dated 14-12-2017) Dr. NIRANJANA PATHAPPA - 6000000 On going
1 Development of an in vitro cell based Bioassay to differentiate biological relevance of IgE binding to food proteins for allergy diagnosis and risk assessment VGST-CISEE Dr. Pramod SN - 3000000 Ongoing
2 Studies on the Biochemical and immunological roles of selected dietary legume lectins in food induced inflammatory diseases UGC-MRP Dr. Pramod SN Dr. Prabhakar BT 1435300 completed
3 Differentiating biological relevance of IgE binding to Cross-Reactive carbohydrate Determinants (CCD) on transgenic proteins from GMOs and endogenous proteins for diagnostic and food allergic safety UGC Raman fund Dr. SN Pramod - 2287952 completed
4 Differentiating biologically relevant from irrelevant IgE binding to food antigens for improved risk assessment and diagnostic studies using a humanized rat basophil cell line (RBL 30/25) US-EPA, USA Dr. Goodman R Dr. Pramod SN 372981 completed
Sl No Faculty Name of the Supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
1 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. Mr. Ghouseul Azam Part Time 130 2013-11-20 Characterization of Bio active compounds from Rhus mysorensis for Pharmacological and Cytotoxic Activities. 2018-11-22 NO Nil
2 Science Dr. Shivayogeeswar Neelagund Govinda Panduranga Misale Adhar no- 814098187274 Part Time 131 2013-11-20 a novel yeast for fermentation of alcohol from agricultural waste 2018-06-14 NO no
3 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Naveen Kumar HN 6962 2188 2742 Full Time 134 2013-11-20 Biochemical Characterization of Effects of Organophosphorus Pesticides on Drosophila and Trichogramma 2019-06-25 NO Nil
4 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Nandini S 5046 8015 9957 Full Time 135 2013-11-20 Metal nanoparticles for the construction of Enzymatic Biosensors 2018-09-11 NO nil
5 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Sowmya HR 213357300655 Full Time 137 2013-11-20 On the regulation of canopy architecture in Rice - An approach based on genetic and molecular analysis of contrasting mutants 2018-03-30 NO Nil
6 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Vinay kumar B.S 486133490710 Part Time 138 2013-11-20 Development of Bensor for the detection of organo phosphorus pesticides in milk ,milk products and feed stuff. 2018-11-20 NO Nil
7 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa K.S.Manjunatha Gowda 5087 7859 0968 Full Time 140 2013-11-20 Biochemical characterization of antiviral Red Florescent Protein (RFP) isolated from Silkworm Bomboyx mori L. 2017-11-20 NO Nil
8 Science Prof. Rajeshwara Achur Praveen Kumar H. D, 959881600593 Full Time 240 2015-01-06 Studies on Quinoline and Benzofuran analogues as potential anticancer agents 2020-06-06 YES Kuvempu University
9 Science Dr. Shivayogeeswar Neelagund Rajkumar S Meti Adhar no- 515440125450 Part Time 272 2015-06-01 Green synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles from Acacia Sinuata Larvicidal activity against mosquito vectors of malaria and dengue 2020-06-14 NO no
10 Science Prof. Rajeshwara Achur Valleesha N.C, 515620953121 Full Time 273 2015-01-06 Prevalence, Severity and Biochemical Analysis of Pregnancy Associated Malaria in Mangalore 2020-06-20 YES NIH
11 Science Prof. Rajeshwara Achur Raghavendra S. N, 370548952914 Part Time 288 0000-00-00 Synthesis of fungicide conjugated silver nanoparticles and their activity against Anthracnose disease in Mango 0000-00-00 NO NIL
12 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. Mrs. Chithra R; Adhaar No: 565704922446 Full Time 299 2016-02-29 Metal Based Folate Conjugated Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Charaterization and their Cytotoxicity in Cancer cells 2021-02-22 NO Nil
13 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. Mrs. Poornima D. V.; Adhaar No. 735541768922 Full Time 32 2012-01-30 Biochemical Investigations for the Over Production of Triterpenoid Sapnoins of Leucas aspera Spreng 2017-12-30 NO Nil
14 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. Mr. Sameer R. Patil; Adhaar No.846693643024 Full Time 33 2012-01-30 Charcterization of Cell wall Degrading Enzymes of Fungi causing Fruitrot of Arecanut (Areca catechu) 2018-02-02 YES UGC, New Delhi
15 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. Mr. Vasanth Raj B.; Adhaar No. 268266617203 Full Time 34 2012-01-30 SCREENING, CHARACTERIZATION AND BIOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF LATEX LECTINS FROM DIFFERENT SPECIES OF ARTOCARPUS 2018-02-02 YES SC/ST Fellowship, Kuvempu University
16 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Vidhathri B S 585181782685 Full Time 479/2017-18 2017-09-07 Host egg interaction in Trichogramma chilonis egg parasitoid 2020-09-07 NO No
17 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. RAMYA G. T. Adhaar Number: 672275209568 Full Time 480 2018-12-30 Exploring the Molecular Mechanism of Anticancer Activity of Xanthosoma violaceum Lectin 2022-12-30 NO Nil
18 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Sunil.S V915388616929 Full Time 481/2017-18 2017-09-07 Molecular cloning and biochemical charecterization of Antimicrobial peptide from Trichogramma chilonis 2020-09-07 YES No
19 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. MEGANA M. Adhaar No: 540899240465 Full Time 483 2018-09-07 Studies On Plant Lectins 2022-09-07 NO Nil
20 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. SUJATHA M. H. Adhaar Number:852874371214 Full Time 484 2018-12-30 Bio active Compounds from Seeds: Understanding the Anticoagulant and Antiplatelet Activities 2022-12-30 NO Nil
21 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Roopa K 255612725989 Part Time 485-2017/18 2017-09-07 Effects of pyrethroids on Trichogramma 2021-09-07 NO No
22 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. SARATHKUMAR E Adhaar Number: 620963907849 Full Time 497 2018-09-07 HDAc Inhibitor as an Upstream Modulator in the Parthenogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis 2021-09-07 NO Nil
23 Science Prof. Rajeshwara Achur Mrs. Joan Chebet Passport. noAK0574178 Foreign student Full Time 506 2017-09-07 Identification of a Novel Bacterial strain capable of Degrading Textile Azo Dyes 2021-03-01 NO NA
24 Science Prof. Rajeshwara Achur Pradeepa Kumar C 985840033438 Full Time 596 2019-01-17 Nitrogen heterocyclic derivatives as potential anticancer agents 2023-02-12 YES University found (SC Fellowship)
25 Science Prof. Rajeshwara Achur Manjula M V 394991761907 Full Time 601 2019-01-17 Green synthesis, characterisation and pharmacological evaluation of metal oxide nanoparticle 2022-01-25 YES BOC
26 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Keri Full Time 75 2014-05-26 Biochemical and Molecular characterization of Esterase form Trichogramma (Thichogrammatidae: Hymennoptera). 2017-12-30 NO Nil
27 Science Dr. Sathisha G. J. Miss. Anitha N.; 924201547471 Full Time 766 2010-10-23 Studies on Monocot Plant Lectins 2017-10-23 NO Nil
28 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Vijayashree I S 436078258888 Full Time BC-07(37) 2012-01-30 Biosynthesis characterization and pharamacotoxological effect of noble metal nanoparticles and their alloys 2017-07-30 NO No
29 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Dr.Veena .M .E/367508701783 Full Time BC:05(35) 2012-01-30 Isolation and characterization of pharmacologically active components from Cryptocarya stocksii and Nardostachys jatamansi 2017-06-02 NO Nil
30 Science Dr. Niranjana Pathappa Rajeshwari R 985813619550 Part Time BC:06 (36) 2012-01-30 Effect of Organophosphorus pesticides on Trichogramma-Role of esterase 2018-12-25 NO Nil

Future Expansions/Diversification Plans :

01 The department is just three years old and the efforts are on to recruit more faculty members and improve infrastructure facilities.
02 Thrust areas of research have been identified and the projects submitted for funding request.
03 Various research projects are being initiated in collaboration with other institutions in India and abroad.

Placements :


The students who have successfully completed their M.Sc. have been serving in institutions and biotech industries in various capacities in addition to taking up teaching in colleges and universities. The names of the some of the companies which have recruited our students are Aurigene Research lab (Bengaluru), Cipla (Goa), Medrich (Bengaluru), Jubilliant biosys (Bengaluru), Bangalore test house (Bengaluru), Informatics India (P) Ltd. (Bengaluru), Chemwell (Bengaluru), etc.