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Department of PG Studies and Research in Physics

The department has started in the year 1991 to cater to the needs of the students of Malnad region (after the separation of Kuvempu University from the University of Mysore) at Sahyadri Science College. Later, during January 1994, it was shifted to the university campus at Shankaraghatta. The department had started with a strength of 24 students and was offering only one specialisation i.e., Nuclear Physics till 2005. Now the departmental intake is raised to 44 and two specialisations (i) Nuclear Physics and (ii) Condensed Matter Physics are being offered. The department has introduced choice based credit system(CBCS) with semester scheme for two years M.Sc. course and with project work in the fourth semester, from the academic year 2005-06. The department has qualified teachers who are from various prestigious national research institutions and universities. The department is now equipped with laboratories having sophisticated instruments, computer lab and departmental library. The department is also offering M.Sc programme through distance education since 2003-04.

The department has produced 5 Ph.Ds, 7 M.Phils and ten research students are working for their Doctoral Degree. The research work carried out in the department has been published in several research papers of National and International repute

So far five students of our Department have successfully completed UGC/CSIR/NET/GATE examination. Many students of our Department are continuing their research in various reputed Institutes and Universities in India and abroad.

Programms Offered

Sl No Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
1 M.Sc., CBCS, Two-year, Four Semesters B.Sc. Degree with Physics and Mathematics as a cognate subjects 37
2 Ph. D 3-5 Years M.Sc., 07/Faculty


Dr. Sannappa J

Year of Establishment



Department of PG Studies & Research in Physics
Kuvempu University
Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta-577451
Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State, INDIA

Teaching Faculty of Physics in Kuvempu University

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    Dr. Jayanna H.S Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D.,
    Area of Specialisation: Solid State Physics

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    Dr. Sannappa J Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D.,,
    Area of Specialisation: Nuclear and Radiation Physics, Environmental Radioactivity, Radiation Protection, Radiation effects on Polymers, Molecular interaction Studies,

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    Dr. Ashok R Lamani Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc. PhD,
    Area of Specialisation: Solid State Physics and area of research is condensed matter Physics

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    Dr. Devidas G B. Associate Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph. D,
    Area of Specialisation: Nuclear Physics,Glasses and Thin Films.

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    Dr. Sudha Shenoy Associate Professor

    Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D.,
    Area of Specialisation: Theoretical Physics

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    Mr. Deepankar V.K Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:Please Provide,
    Area of Specialisation: Please Provide

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    Mr. Ravitheja G Guest Lecturer

    Qualification:Please Provide,
    Area of Specialisation: Please Provide

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    Mr. Shrikant Biradar Guest Lecturer

    Area of Specialisation:

Research Project of Physics in Kuvempu University

Sl No Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
1 Synthesis and Characterization of doped ZnO nanoparticle thin films for gas sensing applications UGC Dr. H S Jayanna NIL 841298 Completed on June 2013
1 A comprehensive Study on the Radioactive Eco hazards caused by Geological substances used as Building materials and Ground water in Granite regions of Karnataka state. UGC - 1123800 Completed
1 Preparation of fine Particles and Study of Some Properties of Ferrites Using Different Organic Fuels for gas sensing applications. SERB Dr.Ashok.R.Lamani NIL 4943711 Submitted
1 `Quaternionic representation of the group SO(4) in connection with that of the Lorentz Group SO(3,1) UGC/Kuvempu University Dr. Sudha - 38000 Completed
Sl No Faculty Name of the Supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
1 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Mrs. Beena P Aadhar No. 214694388317 Part Time 2009 regulations KU:PHYS:Ph.D:PRG-02/01-02-2012 2012-12-01 Electrical conductivity and Dielectric studies of piezoelectric ceramic composites 2018-12-01 NO self finance
2 Science Dr. Ashok R Lamani Ms. Kavyashree K388461282806 (Working) Part Time 346/03-08-2016 2016-09-22 Synthesis and characterization of graphene/conducting polymers for supercapcitor applications 2020-09-22 NO NIL
3 Science Dr. Ashok R Lamani Ms Madhuri D R 6188697845 (Working) Part Time 347/03-08-2016 2016-09-23 Synthesis and chracterization of graphene/metal oxides nano composite for supercapcitor 2020-09-23 NO NIL
4 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Mr. Naik Vasant ShivaraoAadhar No. 546420506868 Part Time 351/2016 2016-07-26 Synthesis, Crystal growth and Characterization of Novel Non Linear Optical Chalcone derivatives containing a Thiophenemoiety 2020-07-26 NO Self finance
5 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Ms. Reshma H K Aadhar No. 276796939272 Full Time 354/2016 2016-07-26 Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials for Dye Sensitized Solar cell applications. 2019-07-26 YES Kuvempu University
6 Science Dr. Ashok R Lamani Ms Varsha M V343115254497 (Working) Part Time 408 2018-01-08 Solid oxide fuel cells 2022-01-01 NO -------------
7 Science Dr. Sannappa J MAHESH C P 353717616530 Part Time 410 2018-01-08 Effect of radiation on synthesis and characterization of solid state electrolyte composite films 2024-01-08 NO NIL
8 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Mr. Madan Kumara H Aadhar No. 620524641933 Part Time 411/2018 2018-01-08 Yet to be decided. Will be done after the course work 2022-12-30 NO self finance
9 Science Dr. Sannappa J SunilKumar 909346021496 Full Time 414 2017-10-04 under process 2020-10-15 YES UGC
10 Science Dr. Sannappa J SANDEEP DONGRE 952327661807 Full Time 576 2019-04-02 A comprehensive study on effects of environmental parameters on radon exhalation rate in soil, building materials and its concentration in the environment of shankaraghatta 2024-04-02 YES University SC/ST fellowship
11 Science Dr. Sannappa J NYDILE T N 929825763780 Part Time 579 2019-01-04 Electromagnetic interference(EMI) shielding properties of conducting polymer nano composites 2025-01-04 NO NIL
12 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Harish B M Part Time 65 2013-12-30 Study on some properties of Transition metal doped Cerium Oxide nanomaterials 2018-12-30 NO self finance
13 Science Dr. Ashok R Lamani Harish B M Adhar no 301321557546 Part Time 65/30-12-2013(Awarded) Notification no 2014-05-06 Study on some properties of transition metal doped cerium oxide nanomaterials 2018-05-06 NO NIL
14 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Chaturmukha V S Part Time 66 2013-12-30 Synthesis, characterization, electrical and gas sensing properties of PANI/metal oxidecomposites 2018-12-30 NO self finance
15 Science Dr. Ashok R Lamani Mr.Chaturmukha .V.S adhar no633099921933 (Awarded) Part Time 66/30-12-2013 (Awarded) PhD Notification no 4951/1 2014-05-06 Synthesis , Characterization, Electrical and gas sensing properties of PANI/metal oxide composites 2018-05-06 NO NIL
16 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Mr. AvinashB S Part Time 67 2013-12-30 Studies on electrical Magnetic and gas sensing properties of doped TiO2 nanomaterials 2018-12-30 NO self finance
17 Science Dr. Ashok R Lamani Mr.Avinash .B.S adhar no 291797390472 (Awarded) Part Time 67/30-12-2013(Awarded) Notification no 5017 dated 2014-05-06 Studies on electrical magnetic and gas sensing properties of doped TiO2 nano materials 2018-05-06 NO -
18 Science Dr. Ashok R Lamani Mr.Suresh.S/532859998320 Part Time 68/30-12-2013 2014-05-06 Effect of irradiation on some solid polymer electrolytes 2018-05-05 NO NIL
19 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Mr. Nagaraja E Aadhar No. Part Time 703/2010 2010-06-10 Study the effect of gamma irradiarion on the Physical Properties of Cadmium and Cromium nanoferrites. 2018-05-31 NO self finance
20 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Nagaraja N Part Time 704 2010-06-10 Electrical conductivity,Dielectric studiesand Physical properties of soil samplesselected from Chitradurga and Shimoga Districts.. 2018-05-31 NO self finance
21 Science Dr. Jayanna H.S Jagadisha A S Aadhar No. Part Time 705 2010-06-10 Study of Gamma irradiation effect on electrical and magnetic properties of Mg-Zn and Mn-Zn ferrites. 2018-05-31 NO self finance
22 Science Dr. Sannappa J Hadadi Yallappa Part Time KU:PHYS: Ph.D: PRG- 01 2012-01-30 Studies on Radiation Effect on Miscibility of some Polymer Blends 2017-10-30 NO -
23 Science Dr. Sannappa J Srinivasa. E Part Time KU:PHYS: Ph.D: PRG- 05 2012-02-01 Studies on Radon-Thorn Levels and distribution of radionuclides in and around Hassan District 2017-09-14 NO -
26 Dr. Sudha Shenoy Ms. Geetha. P. J PHYS:08(08 0000-00-00 A THEORETICAL ANALYSIS OF MONOGAMOUS NATURE OF QUANTUM STATES 0000-00-00 0
27 Science Dr. Sannappa J Suresh S Part Time PHYS:352 2016-07-26 Studies on background radiation levels in Uttara Kannada district 2020-06-30 NO -
28 Science Dr. Sannappa J Nagabhushan S R Part Time PHYS:61 2013-12-30 Study on radon and thoron levels in working places and industries around Tumkur and Bangalore 2018-08-31 NO -
29 Science Dr. Sannappa J Rangaswamy D R 893192161185 Full Time PHYS:64 2013-12-30 A Comprehensive Study on the Radioactive Eco-Hazards Caused By Geological Substances Used As Building Materials and Groundwater Radon Concentration in Granite Regions of Karnataka State 2016-12-30 NO -
30 Science Dr. Sannappa J Srinvasa J Part Time PHYS:65 2013-12-30 Studies on effect of irradiation on HPMC/PVA Polymer blends doped with some metal ions 2018-11-30 NO -

Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :

Title Level Year Funding Agency

PTTS programme for college / university students National Level 17-30 Dec 2015

Understanding our Universe National Level 2009 University
Frontier Areas of Physics National Level 2005

UGC, New Delhi

Recent developments in Nanoscience and Technology National Level   University